When It Comes to Learning about Content Marketing, Big Brands Make Excellent Teachers

When you’re on the cusp of creating a brand new, web based business, looking at all the big brands you’ll be competing against can be an intimidating prospect.

It’s natural to find yourself wondering if it’s even possible for you to convince customers to do business with you when there is someone bigger, who has had time to develop a great reputation, they could turn to instead.

Instead of looking at those big brands and thinking of them as formidable competition, you need to alter your thinking.
Believe it or not, the big brands provide you with an excellent chance to learn a thing or two, especially when it comes to content marketing.

By taking the time to look at the big brands, you’ll see what content marketing techniques they’ve been able use with a great deal of success, and what techniques didn’t quite pan out.

Learn from the Bad Examples as Well as the Bad
Sometimes looking at big brand names that have started to struggle can teach you as much as the ones who have successful marketing programs. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. Pay careful attention to what they did just before their sales figures dropped or they were penalized by Google.

If a company got into trouble with their content marketing, but was able to start over and use content to once again put themselves on top, you’ll want to learn how they altered their quality to make the improvement.

Don’t be Afraid to Get Personal
You don’t have to be in the business of automobiles to realize Volkswagen did and excellent job creating content that perfectly suits each individual customer. The one thing program the company created which basically made it possible for customers to create their very own online commercial was an excellent way to work around the fact that television commercials haven’t been very successful in recent years.

Just because you don’t have the same kind of budget that Volkswagen does, and creating an elaborately personalized commercial won’t be something you can afford right now, you can still learn from them.
Take a look at the content you’ve already created, and the content you intend to create, and think outside of the box. Is their any way that you can use the content to create the feel of a close relationship with every single person who finds your website? Your customers will appreciate your efforts.

Get to Know Your Target Market
Big brand P&G proved how effective target specific content can be. You’ll want to follow their example. By making sure every bit of content you produce will appeal to your target market you’ll not only increase your web traffic, you’ll also find you decrease the amount of money you spend on advertising.
Once you have identified your target market, and the type of things they want more information on, you’ll have a much easier time creating leads.

Roll with the Flow
Last year, Google released its Penguin program and it really shook up the internet world. Companies who had always enjoyed a high ranking were heavily penalized. The successful companies, the ones who have already bounced back are the ones who quickly realized what was happening, identified the problem, and adjusted their content for the changes. You need to learn to think and act just as quickly.

Content won’t be enough

Yes, without good content your small, internet based business won’t be able to survive; you simply won’t attract enough attention. When you examine the websites of the big brands, you’ll notice that they do more than simply fill their pages with content, they also use links and article marketing as part of their marketing program. You’ll need to do the same.

Maintain Strict Standards of Quality
Look at the big brands and you’ll notice the content they make available to the public is very, very high quality. You’ll rarely find a typo or grammatical mistake. You’ll also notice that each page has been carefully structured so there’s a beginning, middle, and end.
The content you produce needs to adhere the same strict guidelines. If the quality of content you use on your website isn’t as great as it can be, your visitors will doubt your ability to provide a quality product/service and will take their business somewhere else.

Be in a State of Constant Change
If you visit the website of a big brand, such as Amazon or Nike, and than visit again in a month, you’ll notice the website has changed, new content has replaced the old.
Rotating the content encourages customers to visit the site over and over again. You want to do the same thing on your own website. Not only does it give your fans a chance to visit your site over and over again, but it also please the search engines who will reward you with a higher ranking.

Mark Long enjoys being a SEO copywriter. His content is always accurate and the highest quality. His content writing services work closely with each client to develop a content marketing program.

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