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Many of my subscribers have big problems filling their website with great content.

Now there’s an opportunity to add articles from famous marketers to your content.
What about Jim Daniels, Paul Myers, Willie Crawford, just to name a few?

The solution is in the Info Syndicate Toolbar.

Now, in this nifty toolbar, there’s a new build-in option: just copy a tiny script, add it to your pages and upload it and presto …..
there’s your content.

Easy uh?

Spiders LOVE it. The content of your pages is refreshed every time one of these marketers puts out another issue.

The BEST part is however, to join Info Syndicate Toolbar, so you can benefit from this strategy as a publisher.
To ascertain the highest standards of delivering quality information you must apply and be accepted.
So, if you have a great newsletter, this is definitely the way to go!

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