Amazing Story: How Clay Became a Joint Venture Broker

I can’t remember where I first met Clay Cotton on the Net. I’m sure it was before he joined Willie Crawford’s Inner Circle, back in December 2006. At that time, he was a successful Internet marketer already. Now, Clay has become a successful joint venture broker.

But that’s not where Clay’s career started. And becoming a broker in joint ventures certainly wasn’t what he intended to be. Read this amazing story, written by my friend Willie Crawford, in which he emphasizes that there basically are no excuses if you really want something.

So What Is YOUR Excuse Again?

Copyright 2009 by Willie Crawford

In the world of Internet marketing, there are really ONLY two broad categories of people… those who make excuses, and those who “find a way… no matter what”.

I think that I fall into the “find a way” category. As a youth, stuck in the cycle of poverty and welfare, I certainly didn’t see a clear path. I didn’t have any mentors or role models that I could conveniently hang out with. So, it took me over 20 years to figure out how simple success really is.

Another person who clearly fits in the “find a way” category is my friend Clay Cotton. Clay clearly validates that the excuses category really consists of people who CHOOSE to make excuses instead of taking action.

Yes, they chose it.

It’s interesting. Clay was a talented piano player who once ran with the likes of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and scores of showbiz legends. That is until the M.S. ended his piano playing in 1996.

Watch Clay Cotton Play Boogie Woogie Blues Piano Jazz

When that great “excuse to make excuses” hit Clay “Pow! Right between the eyes” he gravitated directly to Internet marketing where Clay and his wife, Kimberly, have made a modest living since 1996. Clay even taught from the stage in a wheelchair until 2002 at which point travel became too difficult.

You see, as a result of Multiple Sclerosis, Clay is now nearly a full-blown quadriplegic. And Kimberly cares for him, since he can do very, very few physical things for himself.

Recently, with health care costs ballooning out of control and mounting bills Clay sized up his situation and asked himself, “Good God, what can I do?” So he discussed these issues with several online friends, including me.

Clay agreed that there are tremendous assets which he still has, aside from his heart-warming, caring personality – A sociable nature, an active mind and an ability to talk. Clay is a giver. He enjoys people and has a natural talent with words, and for persuasion.

So last week on the phone, Clay joked that he is evolving into a genuine “talking head”, but then asked, “Seriously, Willie, how can I still earn a living?”

After some lively discussion, Clay decided that he could combine his “people” skills, with my Joint Venture Broker Certification training. He can be a match-maker, helping connect people in business. He can actually earn a good living as a joint venture broker, in spite of his physical challenges. “So cool…”, he whispered.

As Clay had already checked out the webpage describing my new JV Broker Certification program at: – But it hadn’t yet “clicked” until were together on the phone.

Now a joint venture broker simply connects product owners with joint venture partners and super affiliates who can sell a LOT of a given product. The broker locates ideal joint venture partners, and explains to them why it’s in their best interest to tell their customers about a given product.

A JV broker is paid a commission on the sales of joint venture partners they recruit, and sometimes an up-front fee.

Having spent many hours on the phone with Clay, there is little doubt in my mind that with just a little training, he will be a tremendous joint venture broker.

Clay gave this some serious thought, and I could hear the ideas percolating, then agreed, and he enrolled in my 4-week tele-training, as you very well may…

The point here is that Clay could have given up and felt sorry for himself, and nobody would’ve argued the point. But…

Clay Cotton obviously chooses not to make excuses! This is his chosen way, as I suspect it might be with you

Clay asks himself what he can do to take responsibility for his future. Pure and simple.

Then he takes action. Period.

Clay clearly belongs in our “find a way… no matter what” category, and you WILL be hearing a lot more from him over time.

If you are an affiliate marketer, at some point you’ll most likely have him contact you about a product which he brokers. And you’ll be glad you did…

So… What was YOUR Excuse Again?

Willie Crawford is one of the world’s leading joint venture brokers. As founder, and executive director of The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers, he helps set the standards for joint venture brokers worldwide. His course is at:

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10 thoughts on “Amazing Story: How Clay Became a Joint Venture Broker

  1. WOW…It’s stories like these that make me realize that whatever little problems I’m whining about are really trivial. Clay is a true inspiration.

  2. The Firm wall says:

    yes Internet marketer become a joint venture broker but for it you have to hard working.You have mention two categories of people but i like second one that is “find a way… no matter what”.I like this post..really thanx to share it..

  3. Lafayette Real Estate says:

    Wow this is great, he is amazing. I just love it when I come across something amazing like this. This is super neat and just an amazing artist, thanks for posting.

  4. adt home security says:

    I would agree with there are people who get this done even if the odds are against them and then those people who have everything, but they still don’t get it done. You either have it or not it seems like to me. Great post

  5. florida web design says:

    Yes , Internet marketing is not as easy as people think . A person needs to work really hard . great story to get motivation

  6. Online Music Distribution says:

    Very interesting article. Internet marketing is a very difficult thing and you need a lot knowledge in the area.

  7. DVD Globe says:

    There has been no easy way to internet marketing.. One needs a lot of related inputs to produce a useful output.. They may say that it needs hardwork but for me what an individual really need is a well practiced subconscious mind to think of effective ways and formulate plans to achieve goals..

  8. Captivate training Chicago says:

    That is a really neat story, I think first off he is an amazing piano player and it is said that he can no longer do what he enjoys (I think he enjoyed it because he was so good at it)

    It is neat that you were able to help with the internet find away to help with the bills. That is a neat story and makes me want to try even harder to be one who will do.

  9. Singapore Property says:

    It’s true that many always give excuses in earning money such as people will always say internet marketing is easy money and they will always try out but give up half way as they think there are too much things to do for easy money. Not putting in effort and expect to yield more are human nature. I’m inspired by clay cotton! His determination really touch me.

  10. goacom says:

    The will to go, succeed and excel with an appetite for life despite many obstacles is the biggest example of surging ahead without excuses.

    This made good reading but I wonder how twiddled I would be had I to be in Clay’s position.

    Good Luck to him

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