Cheap backlinks: are they worth the efforts?

Recently I tested if buying cheap backlinks (also known as incoming links, inbound links) would be worth the money and efforts in order to improve search engine rankings.

It seems that generating backlinks is the number one search engine optimization strategy, since they give an indication of the importance and authority of a website.

Buying backlinks however is against the search engine policies, because it’s an artificial way to gain better rankings. But since everyone seems to do it, I wanted to test whether it would be worth it.

So, I headed over to sites like Fiverr and ordered three cheap backlinks gigs:
1. Edu blogs backlinks
2. Dofollow backlinks from authority sites
3. High PR Dofollow Blog Comments

Before I go into details, let me emphasize that these guys DO deliver what they promise. So this test ís not a complaint about gigs. It’s about the results of those efforts.

Most of them use cheap backlink software which doesn’t enhance the quality of backlinks, but that’s the way it works if you go cheap.

Also, as I said before, buying backlinks is not a policy that search engines approve of. That’s why I used an old, unused domain for this test, so it wouldn’t harm my premium domains that I cherish.

So, how did that work out? Well…

link building with cheap links
Photo Credit: Esme_Vos

1. Edu blogs
I got 10 URL’s from Edu blogs where I could publish my own content, including backlinks to my site.
I thought this would be a great service, as I had to publish quality content. Search engines do not object to that. And a link back to my site in the bylines is very common too.

Turned out however, that 6 of the 10 links changed their login procedure after 3 months. I wasn’t able to get back there without showing a physical evidence of being a member and my articles were deleted. Duh!

Still got 4 blogs on an edu domain, but don’t know for how long.
So, although this way of building cheap backlinks is my favorite, it’s unsecure and therefore not reliable for the long term.

2. Dofollow backlinks from authority sites
I got some extra links with my order. They all worked when I got them. The PR varied from 1 to 5, but that was for the domains, not for the pages.
After 2 months, only 35% of them are still alive. The rest has disappeared. Into the blue skies. All efforts to promote 65% of these URL’s were in vain.

3. High PR Dofollow Blog Comments
I ordered 30 cheap backlinks in the form of blog comments.
I checked out only 3 of them and got in a deep rut. Hundreds and hundreds of links on the same page and the anchor texts there clearly showed you don’t want to be part of it. Gambling, porn, casino’s, you name it.
I stopped checking. Spam all over the place.

Conclusion of this test: cheap backlinks aren’t worth the money, time and efforts. None of the links I got did show up in the search engines until now, 3 months or more after ordering them.

There are far better ways to build backlinks. A great explanation can be found at Link Building 101

So, what’s your take on cheap backlinks?
Post your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Cheap backlinks: are they worth the efforts?

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Like I said above: the number of (quality) backlinks may indicate, that you have a great site. You can find the backlinks on Google by just typing and you’ll see 11 listed.
    If you use Firefox, you can install ‘add-ons’ that display PR, backlinks etc. like and A link is NOfollow if it contains the ‘rel=”nofollow” argument. Add-ons like Searchstatus allow you to color them.
    PR still may be an indication of quality, but not as much as it used to be. High value content is king these days, as it allows the search engines to display great results in their SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages).
    Makes sense?

  2. Chitra@SocialVani says:

    I wholly agree with you. Even though inbound marketing is necessary, there is no purpose in buying backlinks. As you mentioned in your experience, a lot of those backlinks vanished after some time. Now if you would have done the same service yourself, the result would have been 100 percent better.

    I have dealt with people. Most of the time what they offer is gibberish.

  3. Adrian says:

    You bought backlinks from fiverr. Well You bought and you got the links as per their words(as you mentioned in your post) but that’s not the same case with everyone(atleast it was not with me) and Honestly If I say.. I don’t like to buy the links because the problem is with the time duration or say latency time till which the link lasts. You have enlightended the case of the buying backlinks is not Good for the site’s health. Although the no. of links matter but now the situation has changed much more. As we all know that the search engines now prefer the semantic indexation with the social relevancy hence Now I am damn sure people would not be having the intend to buy those crappy links!!! Well Nice experiment though. thanks!

  4. Case Stevens says:

    Most of the time it’s software Michael. Fill in URL and keywords and hit Enter. 40 seconds. How does $5.00 sounds now?

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