The Revenge of the Marketing Buzz Zombie

How to Wake Up and Start Marketing on the Internet

Are you ready to launch a product?

Ok, get joint venture partners and affiliates, send them copies of your products, build anticipation over many weeks, give your partners every marketing copy you have, make your product launch an “event,” …etc.

Uh-huh, you will make some sales.

In this process you easily can be shortsighted, because while most marketers are distributing free product copies, they normally only give them to possible affiliates and JV partners.

Think! Now it’s time to create some BUZZ!

Have you ever discovered that there’s always somebody on every forum and blog that tests every product and then (without association) discusses it?

And since these sort of folks are unbiased, non-affiliated straight-shooters, they are also well-respected in these blog and forum communities.

Visit one of the bodybuilding forums for instance, and you will find the same folks who always test every new shake flavor or supplement as soon as it hits the market.

They LOVE being the first to examine a product, and they also enjoy letting everyone else know about their opinion. They savor their status as taste-maker.

Or visit a marketing forum, and you’ll always find the set of folks who read every new ebook or examine every fresh tool as soon as it hits the market.

Do you recognize the kind of people I’m discussing? GOOD!

Then send off your product to them asap!

Email these people (or, at forums, send them a private message) and hand out a gratuitous copy of your product well ahead of your launching date.
Tell them you would really like their honest feedback and opinion.
Capitalize on their desire to be “first” by letting them know, you haven’t even brought out the product yet!

If they love it, great! Then, as was common, they’ll likely discuss your product on their preferred forums.

And what to do when they’ve come up with negative feedback?
Well, if it’s something you agree with, definitely add their suggestions or edit your product using them.
It will further bond this person to you if you do this (but only when you agree with their feedback). They’ll be even more prepared to share a link to your product on the forums.

Line up a couple of these kind of people. Give them your product.

Now, start building anticipation by telling the general public you have a new product coming out soon.

What happens next? Well, here’s the big secret ….

These people, who already have tried your product, will let it slip that they belong to the elite group that already was able to preview your product.

Hey, they just can’t help it!

They just want everybody to know they are the first to get everything… so to really have the product way ahead of its release is just about too much too handle for this kind of person.

People … must … know. 🙂

So, there you have it!
Let your “prelaunch previewers” leak out some info about your product. As a matter of fact, promote it by building anticipation with the “coming soon” shtik and other hints.

Believe me, this affair will snowball and produce a gracious buzz for your product.

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