Buzz Marketing

Here’s a very interesting and powerful internet marketing strategy you should really study.

I just finished reading Seth Godin’s new book. Finally!!

And, as with the other books of Seth, I should have done it earlier.
I knew it, but used every reason to procrastinate.
Plain stupid!

Cause this book called Everyone Is An Expert or Squidoo (bear with me, this will make sense!) is another great resources.

Here’s an example:
You and I use the search engines whenever we’re trying to find something.
We then say: “I’m searching for information”.

“NOT SO” says Seth.

We’re just Poking the search engines!

Dang, I wish I would have said that.
Funny thing is, I actually HAVE thought something like that many times when I was looking for good information.
But …


Seth did.

But he doesn’t stop there.
No sir, he’s trying to do something about that. Instead of poking around, we should lens!

Ok, now I understand you’re really confused.
To end that. let’s hop over to Seth’s blog and let him explain.

I’ll promise you, it WILL make sense if you read that small piece of valuable information.

Here’s the link:

Everyone’s an Expert

Now, why is this post called Buzz Marketing?

Because ….

Seth has already perfected the idea of viral marketing.
But this one goes one step further….

To promote his new idea, Seth used the strategy of buzz marketing.

He restricted access to his new idea to a very limited number of ‘selected’ people, but ….

with great influence and prestige.

Anyone hearing about this will tell a few friends and that creates a superior word-of-mouth campaign.

Hey, it’s what I’m doing here!

That’s buzz marketing.
And it’s powerful.

I suggest you get your free copy of Everyone’s an Expert and not only read the great content, but also study the marketing techniques.

Seth is an expert in this field.

Oh, and while you’re there, read his blog and download his other free books.
Seth has a special way of looking at problems and procedures. It’s kind of helicopter look and that makes his books a pleasure to read for both experienced marketers as well as newbies.

They’re very well worth your time!


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