Does your business Tweet the wrong way?

Businesses have the goal of maximizing profits.
This goal pushes businessmen establish relationships with their loyal customers and to entice the customers of their competitors.

The evolution of the digital age has made advertising a more complex and competitive field. Now, marketing people do not merely focus their attentions on TV, print, and radio advertisements.

The advent of computers has given rise to social networking sites. And these networking sites have made competition amongst firms in terms of advertisement and reaching out to people more complex and dynamic.

Twitter is one of the most powerful social networking tools used by businesses to communicate with their customers and lure potential customers into buying their products.

By posting tweets and pictures, businesses are able to inform both their customers and potential customers about product offerings, promos, and many more.

Posting tweets are also helpful in sparking online activity that will help create a buzz about the firm’s brand/s and product/s within the online community.

MTV is a good example of a company that has used Twitter effectively in pursuing their goal. In its annual Video Music Awards or VMA, MTV uses Twitter to generate an online buzz about the competition with the goal of increasing the audience share of the network.

With over 2 million twitter followers online, MTV used the power of Twitter to capture the attention of the audience by allowing them to participate and engage in online discussions about their favourite music icons by encouraging them to tweet and use the hashtag, #VMA.

Notable tweets are showed on-air and the music icons have the option of responding to them. This was just one of the Twitter-related activity that MTV did for the VMA 2012 and the event proved to be a huge success as it drew the largest number of audience (around 12.4 million) in the history of the network.

For some businessmen, Twitter has proven to be a valuable marketing tool. However, some of them seem to have difficulty maximizing the use of this social networking site to increase their customer share and profits.

In this article, we will talk about the different symptoms which suggest that your business is using Twitter the wrong way.

  1. Posting Irrelevant Tweets
    Before you decide to finally post a tweet, make sure that the tweet is relevant to your business and brand. Don’t just post random tweets for the sake of posting something.

    Also, never tweet about your personal life. Your followers are after your business and brand, not your personal life!

    Also, be up-to-date. Don’t post tweets which are irrelevant in the context of present events and situations.

  2. Failure to Reply
    Whenever you set-up a Twitter account for your business, make it a point to monitor the activities related to your account that are taking place.

    Interact with your customers by answering their queries and concerns. Compliment them for praising your products. Thank them for supporting your business.

    Respond politely to bashers. Make Twitter the perfect platform for you to communicate with your customers and followers online.

  3. Selling Through Tweets
    Never sell anything through your tweets. You may only go as far as promoting your products and informing your customers about sales and promos. Actively selling your products to your followers may turn them off, making you lose customers.
  4. Irregular Posts
    As much as possible, post tweets about your products and business regularly to generate as much interest and online buzz from the Twitter community. Don’t simply create an account and leave it dormant. You must initiate activity and communication among your followers and not the other way around.
  5. Informal Tweets
    Keep in mind that you are tweeting to advertise your brand and communicate to your clients and potential clients. Thus, your tweets must exude a certain level of formality. Tweet professionally if you don’t want to turn off your customers.

The extent to which Twitter can benefit you and your business depends largely upon your ability to maximize the use the of the social networking site in generating as much online buzz as possible and in capturing the interests of as many clients as possible.

Maximize your business gains through the effective management and utilization of your Twitter account!

Jessica is a freelance writer, an aerobic Instructor and a frequent runner. She also manages her Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Franchise. She’s also into almost all types of music genre and knows how to play the guitar. Follow her adventures on her Twitter.

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