Why You Need A Business Marketing System (2)

In the previous post, I asked why you need a marketing system and I ended that with a little story. An analogy that can be applied to your business as well.


You will NOT be able to stay focused on your business and achieving your goals, when you constantly spend all your time and money chasing the next greatest thing. And never forget, that your online presence IS a business.

Yes, some techniques may work for you. It’s just not an economical use of your time and resources.

IF however, you have a method, plan or better, a marketing business system in place, you’re better focused and positioned to grow your business over both the short and long term.
That lady climbing the mountain at a slow pace used a system, simple as it was.

Even if every method you tried turned out to be a success, you still need some kind of business system to tie it all together. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, some of the best systems are fairly straightforward. It just has to be consistent and proven.

You’ll need a high quality business system that

  • will keep every day tasks from falling through the cracks
  • can let in every new, successfully tested strategy with the confidence that it will run with everything else already in place and increase the ROI (return on investment) of your system even further, meaning..
    whilst you start the ascent to the mountain top for the second system, the first one still is on its way up at the exact right pace. Now you have two guides walking the mountain,
  • removes you from the time-consuming operations tasks and allows you to concentrate on growing your business
  • lets your business run like clockwork, so you are able to spend more time with your family or doing the activities you enjoy,
  • once optimized, your system utilized to new/other business ventures, expecting the same kind of success as your master “seed” system,
  • can be tailor-made to the demands of your business. The best systems are flexible. They allow you to accommodate whatever facet of your marketing and any alterations in your market or industry trends.

All it takes for you then is to concentrate all your attention to that system. It’s as easy as that.

If you’re the one who brings in the money, then that’s what you need to be doing. Every hour you spend coping with operations issues like repairing the copier or the phones is an hour that robs you twice: that hour is gone, and you’ve spent an hour less bringing in the dough.

A great marketing system relieves you from the long operations tasks and lets you focus on thriving your business.

Now, let’s stop and concentrate for a minute about how much your time is worth. You actually do need to look at your income and break it down to an hourly rate.

Here’s what each hour is worth to you now:

Your Desired Weekly Income


Your Desired Hourly Worth

…because you have to plan for your goals, not what you’re achieving now.

Therefore whatever task that does not bring in your hourly rate (at a minimum) had better be outsourced for cheaper. In the end that will eventually apply to any task that does not bring in you your desired hourly rate.

By putting a business marketing system in place, you will be able to focus on those activities that will earn you at least your desired hourly rate, while leaving other tasks to your employees or outsourced help.

Ok, that’s it for today, but stay tuned, because in the next post we will talk about Your Marketing Umbrella And How It Influences Everything.

Meanwhile post your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Need A Business Marketing System (2)

  1. Article Writers says:

    This is a fantastic explanation of and argument for marketing systems. I think many of my best clients have a very keen understanding of a consistent system as demonstrated by their regular efforts to build content. In addition, as you point out, they understand the importance of outsourcing tasks and focusing on the extremely important, high-value areas for them.

    Thank you for part two here! Looking forward to seeing your next post in this series.

    -Jason Clegg

  2. Case Stevens says:


    Basically you’re right. You have to find what’s working for you and your project, two different variables, but…

    Hang on Joseph, I’m not done yet.

    I will show you an excellent marketing funnel system example and yes, I’m going to discuss the 80/20 rule soon!

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