The Importance Of Copywriting For Your Business

Another guest post by Internet marketer Steven Wagenheim.

Have you ever taken a look at the prices that copywriters charge for their services?
A decent copywriter will get at least $2,500 for a sales letter. The big boys…about $15,000 or more. Yeah, getting copy written for your product can be very expensive.

And I know what you’re probably thinking. Does it really matter? Well, the short answer is yes.
But why? Why is sales copy so important for your business? This article is going to address this issue and try to explain why in simple, basic terms.

Regardless of how good your product is, and I’m assuming that it’s good, your prospect isn’t going to know it’s good unless it’s communicated to him in a way that puts your product in the best light. That’s where copywriting comes in.

See, communication is really all we have when it comes to interacting with our prospects. It would be nice if we could just put up a page that said, “My system for making money online” and then just had a link under it for people to go and buy it. It’s not that simple.

The reason it’s not that simple is because people, by nature, are skeptical. It doesn’t help much that the dot com bust of the late 90s left many people broke. Since that time, people don’t just take your word for something.
They need to have some kind of proof that your product is really going to help them. A strong guarantee doesn’t hurt either. That’s why you might notice that some sales pages have guarantees of 6 months or longer. These longer guarantees give prospects confidence in the product.

An untrained copywriter won’t know how to hit all the hot buttons that he has to hit in order to get through to the prospect. He doesn’t know what the prospect responds to. That’s where the trained copywriter comes in. He’s studied this art and knows just how to hit those hot buttons.

Does he always succeed? No. Copywriting is not an exact science. However, you have a much better chance of getting your product sold with a well written sales page than with one that’s just slapped together.

Unfortunately, many new marketers don’t have the funds to spend on good copywriters. Well, that’s where the link in my signature comes in. I’ve put together a no nonsense book on copywriting. It teaches the basics of copywriting in simple and plain English so that anybody can do it. This way, you can save your hard earned money when it comes to creating a sales letter.

Yes, a good sales letter is important. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one done.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim
Basic Copywriting In Plain English – Save Yourself Thousands In Copywriting Costs

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