Business Blogs and 7 Important Reasons to Use Them

Most companies need business blogs. That’s because the world is being taken over by the web.

On the whole, it’s becoming more of a personal experience. Hence, businesses don’t just need a social profile on platforms like Twitter and Facebook; they need to take that extra step and build real “business blogs”.

Business blogs aren’t like personal blogs talking about “experiences”. Business blogs can have a totally different agenda, depending on what you want to target.
Here’s why.

  1. Business Blogs Help Build Trust

    Blogs help the customer to believe in the brand. Live blogs further help the customer to understand products and services better. Since we are all humans, we tend to seek “surety” in anything we invest in; be it products, services or relationships. Hence, a blog helps build trust.

  2. Business Blogs Help Communicate

    You have just launched a new product and wish to spread the word about it. Now, a social presence is great. Social networking sites can certainly be a platform to spread the word “about” the product. But what about people who are seeking real information? Like functions or features in the product? A blog is a great way to communicate the idea.

    Depending on the core focus of your blog, various sections can be explored. A product oriented blog could feature products, its details, user testimonials and feedbacks. A blog for the company operations could communicate information about how the basic functionalities are carried out. In simple words, a business blog is a strong medium for communication. You could revolutionize even with opinion polls and user feedback, for that matter!

  3. A Blog Helps Spread The Word

    Like discussed in the previous point, once you communicate your idea with clarity, people would want to share your message. Business blogs make this possible because they act like one stop destinations for information.

    A visitor may find a video worth sharing or possibly find an article very useful; all he needs to do is go ahead and share the link on his social sites or send the e-mail to people who would enjoy the work. With prominence of the +1 button, Like button and ReTweet buttons, it’s almost too easy to share content – and hence, it really is easy to spread the word. A good blog is therefore good property for sharing and spreading the word.

  4. Good For Organic Search Or Search Engine Optimization

    Organic search simply means search engines should send people to your website or lead people in your direction. Blogging has always been an integral part of SEO. So, having your own business blogs makes that ordeal easier. Besides, it’s a vital step towards Link Building. Simply make blogging worthwhile in more than one ways!

  5. Business Blogs Are Like An Anchor To Your Virtual Presence
    business blogs are like an anchor
    Photo Credit: Stew Dean

    At the end of the day, your virtual status updates can’t explain entirely who you are or what you do. Your company website on the other hand, may have your profile information and areas of work displayed. But who are you in real time? A good business blog is like an Anchor to your virtual ship that keeps you grounded. If people like the social “titbits” that they see, they’d want to know more about you and your business. A business blog is the best way to fulfill this need.

  6. Great Way To Engage

    Here’s the catch. You might reply saying, “This is where social media sites come into play. They are the best places to talk”. But what exactly do you talk about? Blog posts are hence a great way to engage with your clients or prospective. To lead them to talk, discuss and possibly share your posts with friends in the bid to carry forward the discussion.

  7. Blogs Are A Great Support To Your Business
    Business blogs give you the freedom to try your creativity as well as prove you point and express yourself. Why wouldn’t this work for any business? There are loads of businesses out there that base their existence on blogs – simply because blogs are so powerful. With a little bit consistency and good quality work, this can be an asset that will certainly escalate your business!
Divya is a Website Development Service and content expert. She works with a leading SEO company as a consultant strategist

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