Building a List Using Autoresponders

In ‘How To Market With Autoresponders‘, we’ve seen how to power up your after-sales follow up.

List building
is another powerful marketing strategy using autoresponders.

Now, why should anyone sign up for your list?

Because you’re such a nice person? Your blue eyes, white teeth, great looks?

Maybe some will, but not many.


Listen, if you want to build a list, then let this sink in:
NO ONE wants your free newsletter, cause people don’t care about you or your ezine.

People on the Net are looking for answers and solutions to their problems, preferably without doing any work on their part. They (quickly) want to know WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?).

So, what you need to do is answer the WIIFM-question by offering answers and solutions to their problems.
Of course you’ll first need to make sure that they, in the end, are willing to pay for that, otherwise solving their problems and needs will not be profitable for you.

You can come up with a (partial) answer in an ebook or short report that your visitors are be interested in and let them have it in exchange for their email address, but …

EVEN if you give it away for free, you have to SELL it to them.

That’s where your copywriting skills come in. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a full size sales page.
A great, benefit laden headline, combined with a bulleted list of benefits will do. After all, we’re after an email address, so that’s the only thing we have to ‘squeeze’ out of our visitor.
That’s why the page where you accomplish that is called a ‘squeeze’ page and we’ll look into that in a next issue.

Once you get that email address, it’s good practice to have it confirmed. After all, anyone visiting your squeeze page can fill in an email address, even if it isn’t theirs.
To avoid any problems, have your subscriber confirm their subscription. This strategy is often called ‘double opt-in’, but that’s just a name. In fact, it’s confirming that you have their permission to send messages.

The redirect URL in the form again plays an important role.
On that page, you can remind your subscriber that she will receive an email shortly with a confirmation link that she has to click to get her free report. You could add an unadvertised bonus to convince her to do so. You could also remind her to whitelist your ‘from’ email address, so your messages will get passed filters.

Many people offer a product or affiliate link on this page. I would not recommend that, since we’re in the middle of the process to get your visitor subscribed, but you can test it out.

Once she confirms you can send your visitor to the download page for her free report. Most autoresponders have the option to enter a URL once the confirmation has been done: the ‘success’-page. That’s where you provide a download and this is a better place for a one-time offer, affiliate link or a link to one of your products. After all, you now have a new subscriber!

So, you can start sending her messages.

The first one, of course, is to welcome and thanking her and provide the download link once again.
You can also remind her of whitelisting your email address.

Some people advise to immediately make an offer in your first email, so they KNOW they won’t get everything for free.
My advice is to test that, as I’ve experienced differences in niches; some like that, some don’t.(linken aan newsletter Zombie)

Now, in your next autoresponder issues, of course, you first have to warm your subscriber up, so she becomes acquainted to you and your style. After a few messages, offer your personal help, using a personal email address.

And, if possible, send her another free report, closely related to the one she subscribed for. Offering another solution will make her more comfortable with you.

But from there the sky is the limit. That is, don’t always offer something for sale. Alternate great content, that is helpful to her, with pitches, questions or surveys, contests or anything interesting.

Mind you, that you can also broadcast messages to your list. Avoid information overload for those who are still in your
autoresponder series. A good autoresponder service can leave those subscribers out of your broadcast.

That’s it for today.
Stay tuned, cause there’s more to come, like How To Create A Great Squeeze Page.

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