How to Add Hundreds of Subscribers to Your List Every Week

Because email marketing still works, I’ve been posting about list building frequently lately.

8 Tips for building a profitable email list
What list builders use to create huge email lists

Today’s post is about how to build your email list fast.
That is: adding hundreds of subscribers to your list every week!

It’s a guest post, written by Gary David, an Internet marketer which specializes list building.
Here goes.


We always hear that the “money is in the list”.
Honestly, when I started online back in 2006, I never gave importance of building my list. I only took it seriously after 2 years.

Consider this for a minute. Every subscriber on your list is worth $1 in sales a month to you. Therefore, when you have an email list of about 2,000, you are likely to earn at least $2,000 per month. If your list is about 5,000, you can expect to make about $5,000 per month. That’s when I realized to start building my list in 2008.

Now, even though I have thousands of subscribers already, I still continue building my list every single day. In fact, I have one strategy that I would like to share to you that consistently adds hundreds of subscribers to me every week.

This is how I add 100-200+ subscribers to my list every week, and guess what, the more your list grows, the more money that you can make and let me show how you can do the same.

How Do I Consistently Add 100 – 200+ Email Subscribers Every Week?

Absolutely, one of my favorite strategies is what we call email “adswaps”, you probably heard of it before, or to some of you, might doing this already.

What exactly is an email adswap?
An adswap is when two marketers come together to advertise one of their offers to each others list.

For example, if you have 300+ subscribers. you will look for a marketer who have 300+ subscribers as well, and agree to send out promotional email to each others list to gain additional subscribers for each other.

Why does this work?
The best type of promotion is when other people promote you. That builds more credibility and trust from others, and as we all know, we need credibility and gain trust from people if we want to succeed online. I am going to show you how to look for them in a minute…

Why do email adswaps work?
It is very easy to set-up, no hassle and you get responsive potential subscribers. So, if you have 700 email subscribers, you have to find a marketer with similar amount of subscribers just like you.

If you both send an email, the normal rate of subscribers you would keep from 700 people is roughly 10% conversion which is 70 subscribers, and your opt-in page converting at about 30%, in that scenario, you would add 21 subscribers from this adswap.

At this point, it may not sound like a lot yet. However, just visualize if you keep on repeating this similar method frequently, you will notice that you are building your subscribers list fast. Just make sure to look for a marketer with similar list size, don’t perform email adswaps with people who have fewer subscribers than you.

Take a look at this instance…

700 subscribers X 10% conversion = 70 visitors X 30% opt-in = 21 subscribers.

If you do this repeatedly about 2-4 times a week, you will keep 10% of another marketer’s list.
As a result, that will build to 721, followed by 742, then 764, then 786. Thus, you have just added 86 new subscribers for that week!

Consider this, when your list grows and you are hitting 1,000 or 2,000 subscribers and you are repeating this method, matching your list size with another marketer, you begin to increase your list fast.

Just to illustrate, if your list is 4,000 subscribers, 10% of that is 400 and a 30% opt-in page conversion, you will add 120 subscribers just from 1 ad swap, and if you do 2 that week with the same size, you will add 240 new subscribers, isn’t that incredible?
Now, keep in mind that those are very responsive subscribers, because it came from another respectable marketer.

My objective is to help you build your email list fast this year. I aspire to see you accomplish something and the quickest and much more long-term approach to do this is to build your email list primarily.
Keep in mind, traffic = money, no other way around it, this really is traffic you possibly can generate on demand by sending 1 email to your list.
Also, when you are driving traffic from other sources you continue to still build your list at the same time, how awesome is that?!

Everything else is simply a distraction to you.
Your email list needs to be your number 1 concern every day, and all of the things that I’m doing to build my list including article marketing, blog commenting, forum marketing, viral marketing, social bookmarking etc all leads back to my squeeze page to build my list.

I’m going to provide help to build your email list to at least 300+ subscribers this month to be able to get the standard downpact and on your way to making true success, because it does matter.

Keep in mind, it is not about how big your email list is, it’s about how responsive it is!
I’ve seen 500+ subscribers list out-perform list size of about 5,000+ and by building your email list using these techniques, it is possible to build fast, and build responsive too.
Remember, not anything works unless you truly put it to use.

Gary David is an Internet Marketer which specializes list building. Discover 26 superpower tactics for rapid-fire list building and learn the step-by-step guide on how to build your list.

Case again.
So, what’s your take? Do you build your email list?
Post your comments below.

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22 thoughts on “How to Add Hundreds of Subscribers to Your List Every Week

  1. Gary,

    My site is new, so I am not sure how I can use this adswap? I suppose slowly and steady way I can find subscribers. Good thing to know. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Gary,
    thanks for the tips. I was thinking about this some time ago since I have a list of 20,000 subscribers. However, I am afraid that my partner sends emails to the people who didn’t opt-in so the message will be considered spam. Do you have some experience with this problem?


    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:


      I just deal with people or marketers I know. You have to make sure that they have a legitimate opt-in subscribers by taking a look at their auto-responder account.


  3. Tony V says:

    Good info Gary. I am new to the email list building and I had heard about ad swapping but I was only thinking in terms of getting my ads in front of someone elses list. I didn’t even consider that I could actually build on my list as well. Thanks, I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

      Hey Tony,

      Yeah, you can also build your list using ad swap. In fact, I prefer doing an ad swap to build my list rather than concentrate on getting sales, because people odes not want advertisements on their email, especially if they don’t know the person advertising it yet. But by getting subscribers, I will be able to build rapport with them, provide valuable content, build trust and credibility, and sales will come in naturally if you recommend a product that will also help them.



  4. JohnD says:

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the ‘adswap’ tip. But won’t you get conflicts when you merge with another advertisers? You know, ‘the profit juice’ will be split and benefit won’t be that large as you do the advertising alone.

    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

      Hi JohnD,

      I only do ad swap to build my list, not to advertise my product to someone else’s list. Once they become my subscribers, I can recommend my own product by myself so the profit is still 100%. Keep in mind that using ad swap to build your list is better than promoting products to someone else’s list to get sales, at least in my opinion and experience.



      • Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

        Oh by the way, splitting “juices” when someone advertised your product as an affiliate is not bad, because they can give you massive number of sales if you have a super affiliate. Remember, they produce sales for you, you leverage your effort, and you can get a lot of sales because of them compare to do all the advertising by yourself. I’d rather give 70% commission to someone that can promote my product to 50,000 subscribers than keep 100% of the profit and do all the advertising by myself. =)

  5. Hi Gary,

    Very soon I’m jumping to blog teaching blog and email list is my first concern. Thanks for helping us with your very useful tips.


    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

      Hi Arafat,

      I’m glad you appreciate my post. Good luck in your plan of building a blog teaching email marketing.



  6. Anonymous says:

    we have a database of 80,000 subscribers that we are just about to start utilizing for our new ecommerce site. what can we expect in terms of monthly conversion rate for a list the large?

    the reason i ask is we do not want to be over whelmed initially. thanks.

  7. Alok says:

    Hi Gary, Your post is very helpful for me. Now i have a clear idea on how to increase my subscribers. But I want to ask if my mails can go as the spam in the subscribers account. Is there any option to deal with it?

  8. Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

    Hi Jared,

    I still give away valuable free reports until now, I never stop building my list every single day. If your site is not yet ready for a list, you should start building it now, the only way that your site will be ready is to start. We all start with nothing, so start building your list, it will be ready soon once you take action.

    Cheers! =)


  9. Gary says:

    Hi Alok,

    One thing that has helped me with spam folders in the past is to put a recommendation on the website. After they sign up for a newsletter, on the confirmation page, ask them to send an email to your address or add your domain to the safe sender list. Explain that these actions can help prevent spam filters from intercepting the email newsletters they want.

  10. w h auden says:

    Good info Gary. I am new to the email list building and I had heard about ad swapping but I was only thinking in terms of getting my ads in front of someone elses list. I didn’t even consider that I could actually build on my list as well. Thanks, I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  11. Pilar Torres says:

    Giving something away for free is the best way to build your list.

    • Case Stevens says:

      Not necessarily.
      Giving away something is getting subscribers to sign up.
      Selling something, even for a low price, is getting buyers on your list.
      It’s a matter of which one you want.

    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

      He’s right Pilar. It’s not the best way, but it’s just one of the ways to build your list. You can mix and match. I give something for free and at the same time, I’m selling a low cost report from $7-$10. I do both things.

  12. Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs says:


    I really enjoyed the article. My list is small but growing so I plan to implement adswap? I have never heard of it but the idea sounds great. I guess the key for me is finding marketers in my niche with about the same number of subscribers. Thanks.

  13. Michael says:

    As a newbie, well I have been trying for 2 years now, I realise the importance of having a “List” and boy it is hard to build. I have obviously been doing things wrong, so thanks for the tip on adswaps and when I finally have a list I will look into it. I am enjoying reading all your posts and I am still learning.

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