Do You Make These Blogging Mistakes?

Many people start a blog these days. And no doubt, they all make the same mistakes.
Very often it’s good to read about other people’s mistakes, so you can try to avoid making them yourself.
That’s why I list a number of them here.

Do YOU make these blogging mistakes?

I started my first blog as a part of a membership website of Kenneth McArthur.
He had some blog software installed that pretty soon appeared to be inflexible and only partial working. Besides that, I realized that I was only promoting his domain, not mine.

I told Ken I had to leave and go my own way.

A free blog elsewhere wasn’t an option, I had to set it up at my own domain. So I did. I installed WordPress and entered my previous posts again. Fortunately, as I was only starting out, my blog was very small, so I had it done in no time, but that was my biggest blogging mistake.

I’ve made a lot more than that one, and no doubt, I’m still making some. That’s why I’m always anxious to learn from other people’s mistakes.
There are lots of other bloggers who openly admit theirs.

Dosh Dosh ran a project on blogging mistakes. Here’s their Blogging Mistakes Project Roundup: A Checklist of Important Things to Avoid

And if that isn’t enough for you, Daily Blog Tips has a list of 48 bloggers listing their Blogging Mistakes.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Make These Blogging Mistakes?

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Hi Keir
    Yep, school of hard knocks is a great school with many pupils. 🙂

    Sure, tell me what you exactly want and I’ll see what I can contribute to your magazine.
    Get back to me.


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