Has the Blog Purpose Changed? Is Blogging still Effective?

Has the blog purpose changed or is it still the same as a couple of years ago?

Has it been taken over by the social media?

Is blogging still worth the effort?

What is the real blog purpose?

A few important questions you may ask yourself these days.

Here are some answers, written by Dave Thomas in today’s guest post.


How Has the Purpose of A Blog Changed?

Has the blogging craze gone the way of the fax machine and dial-up Internet or is it still providing relevancy in 2011?

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For businesses that are looking to get their company’s message out in front of people, businesses must understand their blog purpose.

To help understand the ultimate meaning behind why they are writing, there are several important components to remember so you’re not left running around in circles.

First, ask yourself why you have a corporate blog for starters. Is it serving a useful purpose or is it just there because competitors have one and you don’t want to look a step behind?

If you are authoring a relevant blog, there is a good possibility you are providing a useful service to current and potential customers.

As many social media experts can tell you, a corporate blog gains the most traction when used in partnership with social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Having just one forum to get your message out is not the road to travel, so multiply your efforts to promote your business.

For those authoring company blogs, they will oftentimes state the greatest challenge is keeping content fresh.

Keep in mind that nothing will kill a blog quicker than if it is not being regularly updated. While the blog does not need to be daily, once or twice a week is not going to cut it in most instances.

The companies blog purpose is to keep the audience engaged; you do that by providing relevant information.
Relevant copy should be a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how some companies wander off of topic when blogging.

If you are involved in the medical field, why would you blog about politics?
On the other hand, having experts from the medical field talking about industry-related issues like health care costs, advances in medicine, etc. is likely to attract a regular audience.

Another way to formulate a successful blog is by combining company brands and customers.
Having feedback on your blog for customers to engage you in is a great way to develop an audience and grow it.
At the point a business locates a constant voice and is able to consistently engage consumers, it is imperative to zero in on constructing communities around the brand.

It is also important for company bloggers to utilize your time as much as possible. If meeting daily blog needs is an issue, use your spare time to write an extra piece or two so they can just go live when needed and you’re not feeling overwhelmed.

Lastly, have a consistent voice with your blog, a voice that can write succinctly and free of grammatical issues.

A company blog still does serve a useful purpose in 2011, but know how to properly use it instead of spinning your wheels.

Dave Thomas is an expert writer on telephone systems based in San Diego, California.  He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as VoIP service at Resource Nation.

How about you? What’s your blog purpose?
Has it changed? Still blogging?
Write your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Has the Blog Purpose Changed? Is Blogging still Effective?

  1. eshan says:

    I remember when I first started blogging in 2006, things were not like the way which is being seen these days. Now, there are so many blogs and many of them are writing unrelated stuffs! But I think blogging will never die out because blogs have become one of the biggest percentage in the internet index today.

  2. internet marketing affiliate says:

    Well done here! I really like your blog because it is very though-provoking and interesting to know this information. I think blog purpose is still the same and remain effective because many still get good results with this method.

  3. Sam Mansfield says:

    Although blogs are important outlet of ourselves to express what we feel about something, the sad thing that is happening now is that blogs are not given importance by some. It is also right to say that blogs will never get out of circulation its because blogs play great role in letting everyone know what we feel. And now, blogs are used to gain internet popularity.

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