10 Free blog marketing techniques to get more visitors

Many bloggers, while creating great content, have troubles with blog marketing.
Or they neglect it.

Which is a pity, because they won´t get too many eyeballs on their content. Blog marketing certainly would help increase the number of visitors.

So, if you need more blog visitors, listen up and enjoy!
Here goes.

10 Free Ways to Market Your Blog

Blog marketing is essential for any blogger who is seriously seeking better search engine ranking and increased readership.

We all know that paid advertising can also accomplish that end, but if you’re on a shoestring budget and can’t afford to go that route, never fear. There are plenty of other effective blog promotion methods that won’t cost you a penny.

Here are 10 free blog marketing techniques you can use to increase your blog’s visibility:

  1. Guest Blogging

    One of the most natural ways to market your blog is to write guest posts for other blogs in your niche. Many bloggers accept guest posts from fellow bloggers, providing free, easy advertising for your blog. You might even arrange to trade guest posts with other bloggers whose topics are similar to your own. This can be an excellent way to become better-known within your niche. Just be sure to follow the blogger’s posting guidelines.

  2. Social Networking

    Blog promotion through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Tumblr, and Pinterest can bring real value to your blog marketing plan. While these social networking sites all differ somewhat, one thing they all have in common is that they get the word out about your blog. By publishing links to your posts -and sometimes even sparking conversations around them- they let other users share your posts with their own networks, helping your influence grow.

  3. Social Bookmarking

    Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Del.icio.us, and StumbleUpon, and social information networks like Diigo make it easy for you and others to share your content. Make sure you share other people’s content, too, though, or your sharing might appear self-serving.

  4. Article Directories

    Content marketing via free article directories is often valuable for blog promotion. Readers who are searching for blogs in your niche and who appreciate the expertise you demonstrate in your articles will be happy to visit and recommend your blog to others.

  5. Blog and Forum Commenting

    Thoughtful commenting on other relevant blogs and forums makes others notice you. Be sure your comments add value and actually help readers. Commenting can be a great way to develop an organic -and loyal- following for your own blog.

  6. E-book Publishing

    Publishing a free e-book on a topic that your target audience would find intriguing can also help grow your blog’s readership. Sites like Smashwords and Lulu.com can help.

  7. Online Press Releases

    Another great blog promotion method is to brainstorm an interesting story and then write a free online press release about your blog. Perhaps you can host a free giveaway, promote your latest tutorial, or announce an upcoming event.

  8. Blog Carnivals

    A helpful trick for drawing attention to your blog is participating in blog carnivals. If you can’t find a suitable carnival, you may want to start one of your own. Blog carnivals are a great way to draw other bloggers and their readers to your blog.

    blog marketing techniques: blog carnival
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  9. Blogrolls

    Start by posting a blogroll of your own in your sidebar, adding links to other quality blogs in your niche. Often that’s all it takes for your linked-to bloggers to return the favor. If you’d rather not take the chance, though, simply suggest a reciprocal blogroll link arrangement to bloggers whose blogs are similar to yours in content and authority.

  10. Social Sharing Buttons

    One of the easiest blog marketing techniques is adding social sharing buttons to your blog. Make sure they’re visible at the top or bottom of every post. It’s a no-maintenance way to attract attention. Social networking and social bookmarking buttons will make it easy for readers to share your posts with a single click. When they don’t have to jump through too many hoops to share your content, your readers will do it more often.

Experiment with the above blog promotion techniques to find the ones that work best for you. Evaluate your results and adjust your blog marketing strategy accordingly. At zero cost, you should soon find your organic traffic and blog subscriptions picking up.

Do you have remarks or do you know more blog marketing techniques?
Post them below.

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6 thoughts on “10 Free blog marketing techniques to get more visitors

  1. Another free way to market your blog is to get listed at blog aggregation and directory sites. Like Technorati.

    A new one, my own, is Blogs Just In, a good one to get listed at now, before we get swamped. Every blog is personally checked. Only the most active blogs are listed, the most recently updated at the top of the list.

    (Case, good to see you still going strong!)


  2. zed shah says:

    With the rise of social networking in the marketing world will greatly help people in this field. When you develop a page on a social networking site, you are setting yourself up to connect with everyone else who has signed up on that service.

  3. Blo says:

    This one is a good collection of strategies. Thanks 🙂

    By the way, I would add one more traffic source: the mailing list ( yours and some elese’s ). I personally use newsletter to alternate sales pitches with blog posts. It increases readers activity and traffic from people that write comments ( which is important for SEO ).

  4. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks Tom. That’s an impressive list!

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