4 Ways to Keep Your Blog Inspired and Relevant

Chances are good that when you started blogging, you were fired up. Insanely passionate about your topic. You had a mind overflowing with ideas and possibilities. Your topic had stuff you loved. Stuff you hated. Stuff you just couldn’t wait to dig deeper into and amaze readers with?

Of course. If none of that had happened, you would never have started blogging in the first place.

But as often happens, the excitement wore off somewhere along the way. You uncovered everything you were anxious to see. You exhausted your ideas and maybe you’re annoyed with the thousand other bloggers out there who seem to be writing about the exact same thing you are.

I get it. Especially when it comes to marketing. It’s a hot topic for sure. Who isn’t using it to market and who isn’t writing about how to market better? It’s everywhere, right?

But, that really doesn’t matter. There might be 10,000 blogs on the same exact topic you write about every day. But if yours is still relevant and yours is still inspired, you’re going to be the one who keeps the readers.

How do you do that? Here are 4 easy ways to start getting yourself back on track to keep your blog inspired and relevant.

Get Inspired Yourself
You will never be able to write inspired content if you are not inspired yourself.
This means even if you uncover something really clever or unique that has the potential to really make waves in the marketing world, if you are not inspired by it, it will not come across as inspired, and no one will take you seriously.

Keep your blog inspired and relevant
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So, this means you’re going to have to put some effort into your own interest and passion.
Go back in time and try to figure out what it was that excited you so much in the first place. Was it the competition? The lure of accomplishment? The desire to help others build better companies and sell more product?

Whatever it was, put yourself back in that place and try writing about that specifically for awhile. Maybe there was a turning point or an even that actually inspired you to blog. Remembering that and focusing on that can re-inspire you.

Seek Out Controversy
If your past interest doesn’t inspire you, then seek out some controversy. Chances are, if you’re uninspired, you haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention to what’s going on.

Start reading about some of the current controversy surrounding your particular concept. And then, once you’ve found it, really start researching. Get irritated. Get livid about one side or the other; you really do have to go there.

And, once you’re there, do something about it. Start interacting with others, because at this point, you should know your stuff. Comment. Tweet. Meet up with some other bloggers, and heck! Write about it!? Once you’re on fire and you’re writing about it, your blog is going to come to life in a way that it probably hasn’t in awhile.

Go a Step Ahead
Once you find yourself involved in a controversy, I’d be willing to bet money that your marketing/competitive side is going to kick in hardcore. You’re going to need to find out what’s coming next, in order to argue more authoritatively on the subject, of course.

That desire, that drive, is going to make you ahead of the game and one step ahead of everyone else who’s gotten bored with instructing people on the basics of stocks over and over. So start writing predictions. This will really get the readers coming in.

Whether you turn out to be wrong or right, doesn’t matter nearly so much as the fact that your readers will love someone willing to step out of the coloring lines and be bold. And, go figure, this makes you suddenly relevant. It can be that easy.

Add Voices Other than Your Own
When a blog is lacking relevance and lacking fervor, one really fast way to pull it back out (while you’re coming out of your funk) is to bring in some guest contributors.

And I don’t mean posting a generic “will accept guest blogs for next two weeks” notice. Put some effort into this, really seek out some groundbreaking marketing writers and business people. Ask them some tough questions or just give them all the freedom they want to write about what’s really happening out there that your readers likely have no idea about.

The allure of a new voice, of new ideas, and the fact that suddenly your blog is relevant and passionate, will keep your readers sticking with you and more than likely, draw some new ones in.

And, what’s more, you will likely find yourself equally as inspired by your guests. There’s even a potential that you’ll need a rebuttal piece or two and you’ll suddenly find yourself flooded with content for fresh posts.

Get inspired, go find something to stir the pot up with and get active again. It’s not easy, but then again, nothing worthwhile is, and if you remember correctly, starting up your blog in the very beginning was probably not all that easy either.

But, when you see your readers starting to make progress in their own marketing worlds, and when you see their appreciation and their excitement, it’ll make it completely worth it, and as fervor builds upon fervor, you’ll create a harmonious cycle that will keep you and your readers inspired.

Freelancer Jocelyn is currently promoting garage heaters and knows the importance of inspired blogging, no matter what the topic is.

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7 thoughts on “4 Ways to Keep Your Blog Inspired and Relevant

  1. Matt Hempsell says:

    I always used to find that when i needed to add some new content to my blog i often get writers block and what i did produce was not that great as it is forced.
    So what i do now is when i feel inspired or i am on a good writing run, i keep on going and produce as much material as i can. I then keep this on file, so i can then pull something out when needed.

  2. Carl Reid says:

    I like the idea of adding other voices than your own using guest contributors. I would like to give it a go, but what is the best way to go about finding them? It looks like this post was a guest post… How did you go about finding this guest blogger?


  3. Shilpa says:

    3-4 posts per week is too much for any regular blogger. If you think from reader’s perspective, too many posts or quick frequency will skip your posts from attention. I better prefer great content that pleases readers and the pace that most of them can follow.

  4. Carol says:

    You are right, in order to write relevant post, you should be inspired and motivated. Whenever I don’t feel like I am inspired, I show no enthusiasm on the topics that I writing. Also, when I am emotionally disturbed, I find it hard to serious topics for business-type blog content. These tips you mentioned to keep a blogger inspire are indeed very helpful.

  5. Joel Sussman says:

    In addition to your excellent suggestions, another approach to coming up with great topics is to develop more of an awareness of potential topics. During the course of every day, our experiences bring us face to face with a number of funny or thought-provoking blog topics, but we’re usually too distracted or preoccupied to realize it. A great blog post could be inspired by a newspaper article, an ad, a TV show, a standup comedy routine, a family reunion, or some life lesson to which people could relate or benefit from. And of course, that’s the short list.

  6. Sou says:

    I believe that if you wanted that maximum users read your blog then first analyze and comments on other blogs under your niche and see how many blogs approve your comments so that will give you the right assumption of the popularity of your blogs. As much approval you will get almost as much higher value your content would be that users would like to read.

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