Big Ticket Items

I just had to share this with you, because it can improve your Internet marketing results.

Back in February I met Joel Christopher at the JV-Alert Live Event in Orlando, Florida.

Joel then was busy setting up something BIG!

It now appears it’s something I’m very interested in: Big Ticket Items.

I talked about that at the same event with “Miss High Ticket Bizz” Holly Cotter as you can see on the same page.

Joel and his JV partners have set up a huge plan to promotethis issue.
Now, before you click away because you think this is not for you, think about this:

Selling a 1,000$+ ticket requires the same
amount of effort as selling a 37$ E-book.

The audience and their wallets may differ, but not your selling efforts. So why waste time and endeavours on low priced items, while you could be selling high ticket items?

Make sense, doens’t it?
Also, this may be re-assuring: There’s nothing to buy, but you get access to 5 sessions with top Big Ticket experts ($197 value) FREE.
Wait until you see some of the names there.

Joel was so nice to give me a “Thank You Page” and told me I could share it with anyone… like you.

This is just too cool and I just know you would like to learn more about it.

Best in Big Ticket Success,


P.S. Check it out now! You’ll be glad you did.

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