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I’ve published several Internet business models to make money online. Only yesterday, I published an article about membership sites in my public newsletter and how to start one yourself.
This is one of the best Internet business models, generating recurring income for the owner. They are popping up everywhere.

One of the most difficult problems with this kind of Internet business is the script you want to use. You almost always have to squeeze your requirements into such scripts as most of them are made by techies. Besides that, they’re varying from quite expensive to very high ticket items.
At the bottom of that article I mentioned a new membership script which was designed by users and thus is highly flexible, answering to the most common needs of what savvy Internet marketers want to see and use in such scripts.


while this script really is phenomenal, it’s still a membership that requires a lot of attention from the owner. Filling it with great content to retain members. What if we could decrease the work load of a membership site and still retain recurring income from this hot revenue model?

That, in my opinion, would make one of the best Internet business models.

Well, there IS such a model.

Best Internet Business
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It’s not for newbies, you got to have some experience. It doesn’t matter in what area, you only have to make sure people are willing to spend money on it.
Let me explain.

You see, when you create an ebook and then sell it online for $27, it’s rather easy to figure out that to achieve a monthly income goal of $5,000, you would have to make 200 sales each month.
I’ve done that many times and with great success, but you and I both know it takes a lot of work to promote the ebooks to make anywhere close to that number of sales. And that’s without the efforts involved answering questions and after sales customer service.

Therefore I’ve been tinkering about a new online business model for the past few weeks and a blogpost about ‘Make Money Blogging By ‘Selling’ Your Knowledge‘ from Caroline Middlebrook made me think. You see, a few weeks before that post, I wrote one about a little known viral list building trick, but actually it was meant to be about an autoresponder series that I could sell. Kind of a membership in autoresponder format.

I was working out my plans this past week when yesterday I suddenly came across this report on starting a “highly profitable coaching program”, written by famous Internet marketer Jimmy Brown.

The fundamental idea is that prospects will be happy to pay you for your knowledge, expertise and personal care.

When you ask me, I’d much rather prefer to pay a couple of hundred bucks to have an experienced person reveal to me how to install a membership site, train my dog, shed my fat or start a scrapbooking business. It would make any new venture develop faster and a lot easier when being able to ask questions and get feedback. Cause what you’re buying is not information, as in ebooks, but experience and knowledge. In other words, you’re buying proven ways to make money online.

Such coaching platforms sell from a few hundred dollars to several thousand a month, cause for this kind of personal attention people are willing to pay a premium.
Just imagine offering such coaching plan in addition to my ebook with clients paying $250 a month. That simply means I only have to make TWENTY sales a month to achieve the same income!

Take a moment to read this report. You could have your coaching program up and running by the end of the weekend – seriously!
It may very well be the best Internet business in membership models.

After reading, post your comments below.
What do you think?
Agree that this is a great business?

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2 thoughts on “Best Internet Business In Memberships

  1. I’m starting to build a membership site myself Case. So your article is very timely. There’s obviously quite a bit of work up front, but I hope that once the site is up and running it will only require some gentle steering to keep it on track. It is an interesting business model and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

  2. Case Stevens says:

    @Karen For as long as you can deliver more value than your members put into it, you’ll have a hot revenue model!

    @JoLynn Could work wonders at your site JoLynn.

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