The Final BackUps!

Back ups are a nasty topic. Because it involves work, that leads to nothing, unless…
a calamity happens.

Fortunately, when using WordPress, creating a daily backup file isn’t that much work. In fact, it can be fully automated using the WP-DBManager plugin.

You just click the ‘Manage Backup Database’ tab and fill in your back up variables.
The plugin will send you a backup file by email, that you can use in case of an emergency.

But there are other emergencies…, those who you never give a moment of thought, especially when you’re young.

You see, I’ve just recovered from open heart surgery.
The doctors placed 5 bypasses, so my heart functions well again.
I hope to add a great number of years to my life, only…

…it was close!

Our family doctor discovered my heart failure by accident.
A couple of months or even weeks more, and I might not have been here anymore.

That’s another kind of emergency, wouldn’t you agree?

It made me make another back up list.

Of running accounts, that have to be closed in case of fatal accidents.
Like PayPal, subscriptions, autoresponders, hosting and so on.

And it made me think what to do with all of my websites running.
The obvious solution is to sell them, but who’s going to do that?
Fortunately I’ve found someone who’s willing to do that, so there’s another backup list of sites to sell.

That’s my final backup.
Do you have one?

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14 thoughts on “The Final BackUps!

  1. Paolo says:

    Well, welcome back, first of all!
    It is absolutely true that back-ups are important and I will follow your suggestion: in addition to PC back-ups I will do also LIFE back-ups. Our families deserve our efforts to make their lives safer.

  2. Ruri @ Free article directory says:

    It seems a very useful plugin. Thanks for sharing it. I am not using wordpress right now. however it give inspiration to build similar function for my script.

  3. Reisepartner says:

    I am admin of a german social network. Every other week I get an email saying: “Please delete this user, she/he died some time ago suffering a bad desease.” – Thats a real horrible job.

    But who will do all my stuff (I don’t think someone knows about everything at all)?


  4. SueC says:

    Case it’s good to hear you are doing OK. I put together pages of info for my spouse just in case. But how did you arrange someone to sell your sites? Something like a trustee? That sounds like a good idea, details would be helpful.

    Helluva way to remember to do a back up. Welcome back.

  5. Goa News says:

    It is a pleasure to have you back indeed. Must have been an anxious time.

    Your trigger for maintaining the back-ups that you mention have also straightened my antennas.

    Imagine you have your websites and blogs all over and your family knows nothing about them and should something happen…. everything goes without a sound…down the drain…. and probably into some delighted domain groping hands to make merry.

    Backups…. pretty esential to keep a will of passwords and usernames as well(LOL)

    Hope your recovery is smooth.


  6. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks Dave.
    I took my time to fully recover and I achieved just that.
    Cylinders are working perfectly! 🙂

  7. Houston Apartment Locators says:

    Hi Case its amazing how many valuable wp plugins are out there. I find myself behind on installing wp plugs as my blog is relatively still new. My old blog went down and I didn’t have a back up wish i had stumbled upon your blog sooner!

  8. Polish Guy says:

    Mean the same!
    The most loving site for me!=0
    your posts extremely help me to work the right way!
    Thanks a lot for you affords!

  9. wallpaper says:

    yeah a friend lost every data of his cause of a hard disk failure
    it is mandatory to back up your files

  10. […]It made me make another back up list (?).[…]

  11. IBSEric says:

    I’m in the data backup business. I can’t stress enough that you need to make this a daily habit at minimum. You can run a Google on the stats for lost data and the impact on business. The stats simply aren’t pretty.

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