Awesome Little Known Niche Keyword Suggestion Tool

I just discovered a great niche keyword tool to build affiliate and/or Adsense sites.
And, with a few neurons at work, you can use it for Adwords campaigns too!

Here’s the situation.

You just found a great sales page or a page about a unique product or service (hang on if you haven’t; there’s a superb solution for that situation too!).

Now, you want to know what keywords are involved, including their prices so you can see if there’s a profitable niche to make an affiliate or Adsense website for it.

Well, you could go to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, select Site Related Keyword and enter the URL of that page.
I suggest you do that, too.

But here’s an awesome solution that I just found, a bookmarklet.

Here’s how it works.
While you’re on that great sales page, just click the bookmarklet and ALL the keywords appear on the page.
Not only that, but the price is included too. You can sort on keyword and price.

But what’s more, each keyword also links to the Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool and Google Trends.

And if that’s not enough, all keywords are represented by cloud tags, so you can immediately see which ones occur most.
And on top of that, you can also filter the keywords.

Now here’s the absolute kicker: if you click the ‘Get Me Random Results’ button, this feature will return with a random niche!


Here’s where you can find this piece of affordable software (free!):

Little automation in keywords generation (together with prices too!)

It’s written by Marcin Lejman from Poland and while I was at this page, I explored his complete site, because it contains very useful and valuable information.

Marcin monetizes this bookmarklet with his Adsense ads, but I really wonder if he shouldn’t add the ‘buy me a beer’ or ‘make a donation’ features.

What worried me a bit is that Marcin hasn’t posted to his blog since May 9. Since the tool is hosted at his site, it would be nice to know if this service will be continued.
So I contacted him late this evening and fortunately he responded immediately.

Marcin said:

I did stop, sort of 🙂 .
In fact, the last two months were simply extremely busy with my offline business – as simple as that.
I have however some notes for a number of new posts – emails like yours are definitely encouraging me to finally turn these notes into actual posts.

Well, I sincerely hope Marcin will continue.
Maybe one of his first little tasks can be to add a feature to exclude a keyword in his filter. That would be a valuable addition.

Now go check out this little gem and the website and then tell me what you think.

Should Marcin continue? Post your comments.

Marcia Jones just reported that this awesome tool isn’t working anymore.
Too bad, but I guess Marcin is doing other interesting things.

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3 thoughts on “Awesome Little Known Niche Keyword Suggestion Tool

  1. Case Stevens says:

    That’s what I figured.
    Well worth a try!

  2. Stephan Miller says:

    I don’t think the bookmarklet works any more. Just tried it.

  3. Case Stevens says:

    @Stephan Dang! Will email Marcin.

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