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Now that you know what your headline should do, the next question is:

What to write in your opening paragraph?

Well, not only should your opening paragraph introduce your readers to the topic, but also give them a reason to keep on reading. There should be a brief overview of what they can expect to take away from the rest of the article.

Therefore you should exactly describe the problem you’re going to tackle and how you are going to help your readers solving it.

Ensure them that you have a time, money, trouble or effort saving solution. Keep in mind that, while writing your opening paragraph, you have to give them a beneficial reason to keep on reading or they may lose interest and look elsewhere.

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When you use the article writing marketing strategy, it is of great importance to establish credibility with the reader.
Because they will always wonder why they should listen to you.

Have you had this problem and how did it affect you and your business? Who did you turn to or what resources did you refer to?
And when you finally worked out the problem, what benefits did it bring you and how did it make you and your business better?

If, in their eyes, you lack credibility, they may be unwilling to follow your advise and will most likely be uninterested in what you have to offer.
If however, you can build credibility with your readers they will more likely listen to you, stick with your advise and maybe return for more.

Be credible!

Stay tuned for more more article writing tips soon!

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