Are Free Traffic Exchanges Valuable?

In the past I’ve tried a few. These free start page and traffic exchange programs.
And I’ve found them a complete waste of time.
It’s one webmaster glazing over the ads of another webmaster for the required amount
of time just to earn a few advertising credits.
And these credits are swapped to and fro.

Now there are similar services for blogs.
I don’t want to spend time on that.

How about you? What are your experiences?
Let me know.
Use the ‘Feedback’ right at the bottom of this post and give me your comments please.


There IS one outstanding traffic generating system.
It’s called Ad-CliX, it’s free and, most important, it works!
It works because it hosts banners and/or pop-unders shown to real visitors!
That makes the difference.
Sign up for a free Ad-CliX account here.

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