All right, I’m leaving!

Each year, my family and I stay for five to six weeks in Spain.

We have a nice house there, in a quiet neighborhood, living amongst many Spanish people.
Since we always stay that long, it’s not just a holiday, it’s more like a kind of ‘living the Spanish way’.

Our house in Spain

Our pace slows down to unbelievable levels, although, when we loaf about the streets, we’re still passing many Spanish people.

Our food changes, although at home we also have a Mediterranean diet. There’s more healthy food available there and the need to eat, to get enough energy in your body, in Spain is much lower. After all, we don’t do much there.

That is, I still ‘work’. Checking emails, posting to my blog and visiting some forums.
But only one or two hours a day, sometimes I’ll even skip a day, a habit that is enhanced by the fact that I’m on a dial-up connection there.
Some days I’ll check my hard disk to see what’s on it that I haven’t used and create a new product.

But after that, I plunge into the pool again or, when we are at the beach, I’ll ride some surf.

Spanish dance fiesta
Typically Spanish is the night life. In the day, especially around noon, it’s just too hot to do anything but sleep. We gladly follow that great habit and have that power nap, called siesta!

At night, temperatures are better and then we’ll go out a lot. Having a nice dinner, some strolling along the ‘esplanades’, seeing a show or attending a great fiesta. More often than not, it’s far after midnight that we’ll return home.

It’s a great way of life.

Alicante, view on Benidorm

Here’s the route to our destination.

It will take us three days to arrive there, mainly because we want to stay two nights in France too.

So, I’m leaving.

I have some posts timestamped and hope to be back live at the beginning of next week, if Spanish Telefonica will allow me.
Else, I have to find some Internet cafe and communicate from there or visit some friends we have in Spain.
Anyway, see you next week.


You can keep an eye on me. Just visit this webcam of the Port of Alicante, a great place to go out at night!

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3 thoughts on “All right, I’m leaving!

  1. Alex says:

    Case, that looks really nice 🙂 wish I could follow … good luck with your vacation!

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks Alex,
    I will drink a nice cool Sangria for you! 🙂

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