The After Sales Follow-Up Plan For Bigger Profits!

After selling your front-end product, your after sales follow-up marketing plan kicks in and thus the work only starts. That is, if you want more profits, testimonials, feedback, customer loyalty, referrals, and more.

Let’s start your after sales follow-up plan with more profits.

You may recall the 3 ways to grow your business that we discussed earlier:

  1. You gain more customers.
  2. You get your existing customers to spend more money with you.
  3. You get your existing customers to purchase more frequently.

Immediately after the front-end sale is one of the absolute best moments to get them to do #2… spend more money with you.

  • Because they already trust you and/or your company.
  • They have their credit card whipped out.
  • And they have money to spend.
  • And they are a proven buyer in your niche market, which is the most important factor.

That makes it the perfect moment to sell to them again.

After Sales Follow Up
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Most marketers don’t like this follow up strategy, as they don’t like to upset their newly made customers. And some are afraid that customer may want an immediate refund.
They’re afraid of alienating their new customer, afraid to piss them off.

Well, get this. That way of thinking is absolutely wrong, UNLESS…
…you offer them something that they’re not interested in!

Suppose your new customer just bought a product from you that teaches them how to grow more delicious and bigger tomatoes. You then offer them another product that teaches them how to make money with private label rights (PLR). That may bomb!
Because they’re interested in tomatoes, not PLR products, even if it is about growing tomatoes. In general, tomato growers aren’t marketers.

Yes, some of them might be interested in Internet marketing, as long as it is about tomatoes, but you want to be a specific as possible. That means targeting them and match your offer to their desires, wants and needs as closely as possible.

Since they’re growing tomatoes, they might be more interested in creating a local market for their homegrown products.
You have to test this and/or do some research to see what exactly they want, but believe me, it’ll pay off very nice in the end.

Offering a follow-up product in your welcome email is a good idea, because…
…it’s the one email you KNOW they will read! That’s another big reason for this strategy!

In your follow-up plan, you also need to anticipate their possible questions and reduce support tickets.
Of course, if applicable, there’s a link to the download page or membership site in your welcome email. In there, you will also want to include a support link.

Another thing that is very wise to include is a list of (or a link to a page containing) frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers.

Being new customers, they may have questions. Never forget, that for you, as the product creator, all the information provided is clear, because ‘you’re in it to your neck’. Lots of marketers assume that the same must apply to their new customer, but that’s can be a costly mistake to make!

Obviously you want to anticipate their questions up front and have them answered before they are asked. This is where getting good feedback really helps, which I’ll talk about in a moment.

Not only does this work in your favor by reducing support tickets, but it’s also works in your customer’s favor too. Imagine you’ve just bought a product online. Do you really want to log in into a help desk to create a support ticket and wait for the answer? Huh?

I don’t think so. I’ll bet you would rather have the answer at your fingertips and so would your new customers!

These little after sales follow-up things make a difference in the relationship you build with them. Of course you’ll never know for sure at this point, but one of those customers may value the comfort of doing business with you and become one of your best “A” list customers!

In the next post I’ll discuss more after sales follow-up items like feedback and testimonials, but for now let’s see your comments on this.

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  1. The Art of Selling says:

    This is often neglected by businesses. Generating more sales from existing customers is the easiest way to generate extra income, certainly much easier than attracting new customers.

    As you mention there’s the follow-up strategy, asking for testimonials, and developing a referral programme also tends to work very well.

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