10 Methods of Affordable Internet Marketing

Budgets for the small business or blogging professionals could be constraining at times.

It’s the Catch-22 problem of needing money to advertise the business, but needing the income of the business to provide the money.

For those on strict budgets, there are methods you could employ. Some are affordable internet marketing methods, some are even free.

  1. Google Adwords – Although there are several pay-per-click methods you could utilize on the Internet, Google Adwords is one of the most prominent.
    However, Adwords could be a double- edged sword. It could cost you a lot of money to find the best keywords and content for your advertisement. The cost-per-click will be relevant to your niche’s activity against competing ads.
  2. Email Marketing – Developing a subscription base for email marketing is free to create and the email can be sent en mass without cost.
    Acquiring email lists could be beneficial, providing the source of the list is legitimate.
  3. RSS Feeds – Really Simple Syndication could put your information right into the hands of subscribers. Whether you are blogging or providing articles, the RSS feed will send real-time updates to those who read it.
  4. Social Faces – Creating a profile for your blog or small business on Facebook and others is free.
    Providing content on your profile could keep potential visitors intrigued and give backlinking capabilities to your website.
  5. Comments Galore – Creating accounts on forums, YouTube, and others can be greatly beneficial for several aspects.
    Not only does this create backlinking for your website, but it could also give someone a chance to click on your links to actually visit your website.
    For bloggers, this could be very beneficial if your comments on YouTube and forums match the niche of your own website.
  6. Constant Activity – Keep your small business and blogging websites active with content. Giving a visitor reason to return could prove beneficial in word-of-mouth and page ranking search results.
  7. Affiliate Advertising – For the small business that has products and services to sell online, affiliate advertising could be beneficial.
    By providing a percentage of the sales to those who own websites, your small business could receive a great amount of quality traffic from those looking to buy what you’re offering.
  8. Business Directories – Many business directories are free to sign up with. They may not provide an extra 1000 hits per day, but a few minutes of your time could generate a few more visits to your website.
    Aside from a trickle of people clicking on the directory listing, the profile could also double as a method for backlinking for improved search engine ranking.
  9. Buying Visitors – Depending on the business practices of the company you are buying visitors from, it could be a good or bad investment for your website.
    If they are forwarding visitors to you who are truly interested in the content or services you have, it could be good.
    If the visitors they send are just random without a specific purpose in mind, it could be bad to spend the money on it.
    Before buying visitors, research the seller and find out if they have questionable business practices.
  10. Banner Exchange – While this method was popular in the early 2000s, it can still be useful.
    With the banner exchange program, you show other banners on your website to earn credits. These credits are then used to show your banner on a site that is relevant to your own. Many times, these exchanges could be 2:1 where you show other banners twice for one showing of yours.

These methods could help increase your income while providing the revenues to expand to other marketing methods.
The more attention your business website or blogging site receives, the more income it could generate. There needs to be a marketing strategy of some kind in order to improve you income. Why settle for less than ideal when you could have more?

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