14 Affordable Internet Marketing Services to Stay Competitive

Affordable internet marketing is a topic that has a great appeal to me.

Because it levels the playing field, where small businesses can compete with Fortune 500 companies.

So when Nancy Parker of Nanny Jobs submitted today’s guest post about the topic, I didn’t hesitate. Because she listed 14 affordable internet marketing ways to keep your website in competition.

Read below and apply these marketing ploys.

14 Methods of Affordable Internet Marketing

Keeping your website competitive doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are many avenues you could explore to keep your business website productive without increasing your budget. While some of these methods may have subscription fees, many of them are low and could provide more traffic than you would have thought.

  1. SEO Ready – Whether you are paying for someone in-house to build your website, or having a third-party design it, supplying search engine optimized content could greatly pay off. Even paying for nominal services could greatly increase your Internet presence.

  2. Business Directories – Many of these directories are free to use, but some of the more elaborate ones may have subscription fees. Some legitimate directories will use the money they generate to promote the businesses listed in them.

  3. PPC Advertising – Pay-Per-Click advertising is an excellent method of promoting the website. However, keywords and content may play a big role in how well these ads will do, and research may need to be performed in order to maximize the effectiveness these keywords may have.

  4. Buying Hits – Although this method could sound like a good idea, many times these companies supply hits from bots, or pay others to visit the site. Unfortunately, these are not quality hits for most of these people have no interest in the content.

  5. Banner Advertising – This method has seen many years of use. However, you may want to stay clear of the advertisers who are pay-per-impression as there are many legitimate companies on the Internet that will only charge you per click.

  6. Google Adwords – Essentially, Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising method loaded with tools to help you succeed. Like the PPC mentioned above, keywords will play a role in how well the advertisement does as well as how much money you put into the click.

  7. Private Advertising – Many websites that fit your business niche will offer advertising space on the site. If a site receives a lot of traffic, paying for private advertising may exceed your expectations.

  8. Social Media – Websites centered around social media of various kinds is an excellent method of generating visitors. As most of these sites are free to use, creating content or videos surrounding your business niche could drive in traffic you didn’t know you could get.

    affordable internet marketing
  9. Affiliate Marketing – Hosting your own affiliate campaign allows for others to share in your profits. The trade off is getting more advertising for your product or website by using other people’s websites to do the work for you.

  10. Email Campaigns – Some may view this method as borderline spamming, except for campaigns that are based on user subscriptions. Since mass emails don’t necessarily cost anything extra, they can get the word out to individuals about products and services your business offers.

  11. SEM Services – Although many of the methods above fit into search engine marketing, paying for these services encompasses other methods to promote your website. While there are standards for marketing that many of these SEM companies share, some will have unique techniques to offer that have proven results.

  12. Referral programs – Offering a referral program to your current customers is a good way to get word-of-mouth advertising. This works by offering incentives to those who promote your business in a professional manner.

  13. Coupons and Codes – Offering coupons could entice new visitors to visiting the website. Everyone loves a deal and most will capitalize on the idea if they believe it is work the investment.

  14. Target Your Niche – Regardless of your advertising method, you will receive better results by advertising in your website’s niche. Advertising on a website that deals with baby clothes if your website is centered around the automotive world could be a waste of time.

Being proactive in the website’s welfare will keep you apprised of what it needs to continue its success. In today’s world, a large amount of potential customers are constantly online through the use of smartphones, tablets, and standard computers. Giving the website an advertising budget, whether it is small or not, will promote more business and keep your online presence competitive.

Nancy Parker was a professional nanny. She loves to write about health, parenting, child care, babysitting, nanny services, etc. You can reach her @ nancy.parker015 @ gmail.com.

What other affordable internet marketing strategies do you use?
Post them below.

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