AdWords bid simulator now works at campaign level

Until now, the adwords bid simulator has been working at the keyword and ad group level.

With their latest update, the bid simulator now also works on campaign level.

Can this be a helpful tool for online marketers?

Francis Santos, writer for Benchmark Email, sums up the benefits in today’s guest post.


When it comes to search advertising, the first option that comes to the minds of most marketers is Google AdWords. The platform delivers in terms of results and providing the tools needed to efficiently analyze campaign performance.

The value of AdWords has just increased with the introduction of a new tool designed to help marketers better manage their spending budgets.

Adwords Bid Simulator at the Campaign Level

Google recently announced the campaign bid simulator, a new AdWords feature that gives marketers the ability to simulate changes even if there is limited data at the keyword or ad group level.

The update essentially provides greater predictive capabilities by providing insight that can be used to determine just how much should be spent.

For example, you can see what would be the results of increasing or decreasing your campaign bids by specific percentages. Or what would happen if you adjusted them all to the exact same value.

The feature even enables the system to makes suggestion that can keep you from missing out on bidding opportunities.

Here’s a complete rundown of what marketers can do with the new campaign bid simulator feature in AdWords:

  • View the potential outcomes of simulated changes even if the data in keyword or ad groups is too limited to provide insight.
  • Get an idea of what could happen by raising or lowering your bids by any given percentage.
  • Determine if you need to increase your spending budget to make sure you do not miss out on any opportunities the new bid value makes possible.
  • Get an idea of what could happen if you change all your campaign bids to the same value.
  • Download simulated bid data at both the account and campaign level.
  • Download a file complete with the bid amounts at the model level as well as the keywords and ad groups they should be associated with.
Is this the adwords bid simulator
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Leveraging Smarter Ad Technology

Google originally introduced its bid simulator for AdWords in 2009. At the time, the company’s plan was to offer an easy way for marketers to understand the impact their bids have on the results of their advertising campaigns.

In the past, this feature was only available at the keyword and ad group levels. With the campaign bid simulator, Google has provided an even easier way to simulate and make changes to bids where it truly matters – on the campaign scale. The new feature can be accessed by opening the “Opportunities” tab and selecting “campaign bid simulator” from the navigation menu.

Lately it seems as if Google has been on a mission to make online advertising more attractive to offline brands migrating over to the digital channel.
The recent launch of the campaign bid simulator looks to be a move to appease the marketers who have already bought into its advertising solutions. While the new feature isn’t necessarily anything game changing, it is one more tool brands can use to get the most from their AdWords investment.

AdWords bid simulator by Francis SantosFrancis Santos is writer for Benchmark Email, a best practices email marketing software company.

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