Advanced Autoresponder Marketing Part 2

In the last issue, we’ve seen how you can use the data stored at the autoresponder system to personalize your messages.
That’s a powerful feature, that can turn into benefits, because using that, you can connect with your subscribers.

Today, we’ll see where the money is using autoresponders.

You see, most people, IF they start email marketing, begin building a list as we’ve discussed in Building a List Using Autoresponders.
Using the features as discussed in Advanced Autoresponder Marketing is a great way to connect with your subscribers, so that they begin to trust you as you are talking to them as a person, not a market. That’s the main benefit of that feature.

As you are starting to build your list, you always give your subscribers something of value. Something THEY can use to make money or achieve higher rankings or something that makes their lives as website owners easier.
Which is exactly what I’m trying to do in this series. 🙂

So, number one priority is valuable content.

Second are your sales pitches.
Now, I subscribe to many newsletters and lots of them send out issues that only contain sales pitches.
That, in my opinion, is bad. I unsubscribe to most of them immediately if their first issue is only a pitch.
That is because there’s nothing in it for me. It’s just THEIR business they are concerned about.

A good sales pitch should be weaved in the valuable content. Describe a problem, give the solution and point them to the resource that they’ll need to solve the problems.
That is all there is to it.

This is important for your back-end sales. Great, valuable information, accompanied by problem solving resources does not only make you money, but your subscribers will also come back for more and …
THAT is where the money is!

And that’s where the advanced autoresponder marketing kicks in.

You see, when you promote your own products to your list, you should put every buyer on a seperate list, because that’s no longer a subscriber, it’s a CUSTOMER!

Aweber has several scripts installed for different payment processors, like PayPal and Clickbank (and some more), that will automatically handle this for you once payment has been received.

And you can do exactly the same while promoting affiliate products. Just tell your subscribers to send their receipt to another autoresponder email address and they’ll receive extra bonusess or information from you.

Thus you create a customer list to which you can present your other offers first or, to reward customer loyalty, with a discount.

A good autoresponder service, like Aweber, allows you to do this. They’ll even unsubscribe your customers from your subscribers lists if you want to.

Yes, doing so you’ll end up with several sublists, hopefully many. You may be worried about how to send your messages to all these different lists.

Again, a great autoresponder system allows you to either broadcast to each list seperately or … to combine lists, so that all you have to do is send ONE messages to several lists at once.
Aweber does this for you!

All these advanced features are so powerful that you can benefit greatly from them. They allow you to automate processes, saving you time, money and effort. And they’ll provide you with your most precious asset: CUSTOMER lists!
Guard them with your life, because they are worth a lot of money.

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