How Do Your Adsense Ads Look Like? Adsense Tips 7

Today, let’s discuss the Adsense preview tool.

If you use Internet Explorer as a browser, Google has an excellent Adsense preview tool to help you preview the possible Adsense ads that may appear on your page.

This tool allows you to preview the sample ads and formats, preview colors on your page, check the address of the ads and geo targeted locations to see what visitors in other countries will see.

For Firefox users there’s something similar in the form of an add-on. Just visit the Firefox Extensions and search for Adsense. You’ll find it there. Installation is a breeze. Unfortunately the options of this add-on aren’t as good as for the Google Adsense preview tool, but at the time of writing this Google didn’t have a Firefox version.

To be sure that you make the most from your Adsense efforts, you should always take the time to experiment with your Adsense ads to improve your CTR (click through rate).

That’s it.

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