A Remarkable WordPress Sticky Plugin Alternative

If you run a blog powered by WordPress, you have an option to install a Sticky plugins that causes a certain post to stay on top of your home page.

There are several Sticky Plugins and here’s the one called Adhesive.

But …

I have never used them. Because I want to control exactly what’s happening. Therefore I simply add an extra webpage to my blog that I can fill with whatever I want by just using a little bit of HTML.

And it’s really easy to do that in the standard Kubrick theme.

Just find index.php in wp-content/themes/default and make a safety copy first.
Then open index.php in your text editor.

In index.php the first two lines say
<?php get_header(); ?>
<div id=”content” class=”narrowcolumn”>

After that, you just add:

<?php /* If this is the frontpage */ if ( is_home() ) {
readfile( ‘somefile.php’);

and upload.

Then create the page called somefile.php with whatever you like and upload it to your root directory.
You can include a sign up form there or a just link to it. Personally I prefer separate sign up forms, because you can use them everywhere!

You could also create a link in your sidebar pointing to the sign up form that shows up on every page except the home page.

Just add a link in the sidebar (preferably just under your ‘home page’

<? if (!is_home()) {
echo “<p><a href=\”#ref\” onclick=\”window.open(‘http://yourdomain.com/yoursignupform.php’,
resizable=yes,width=530, height=680′)\”>Receive Updates By
Email</a><br /><strong>Plus Your Incentive For
Signing Up</strong></p>”;

Yeah, it’s a pop up window. You can make it an ordinary one.
Of course you have to replace by the path to your sign up form.
And you have to take the line breaks out that I had to insert to display this properly.

Try it.
Don’t forget, always create a safety copy first so you can restore the situation if anything goes wrong.

Many people ask questions about adding a form to their blog.
You can add one using the instructions above, but Karl Warren has created a plugin to add an opt-in form that you may want to check out.

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