6 Awesome Viral Marketing Tips

Viral marketing is an excellent way to generate a great online income. Another big advantage is that it’s relatively cheap and doesn’t require a lot of energy.

If you’re not familiar with viral marketing, then listen to this short audio.

The main problem however is, that viral marketing isn’t as easy as it looks at first sight. In fact, to get some of your marketing to go viral can seem like nearly impossible at first.
Hence these 6 awesome viral marketing tips to help you succeed.

  1. Make Your Viral Marketing Campaign Unique
    You absolutely want to avoid others copying what you have done. Come up with a cutting edge idea that is unique. This will increase your chances of getting viral drastically.
    Viral Marketing: Make it Unique!
    Photo Credit: Sam UL
    As an example, download your copy of your Marketing Funnel right now.
  2. Supply your Targeted Market
    Think about the needs and wants of your ideal visitors that you’re targeting. If you’re not sure, use forums and social media to discover what problems they experience. Describe the problem, offer a solution and tap into their emotions so they can clearly see the benefits of your solution.
    That’s what your viral marketing product should achieve. Like the Marketing Funnel, that leads to more targeted visitors spending more money down the road.
  3. Send it to Quality Marketers
    To really get a boost in your viral marketing campaign, you have to get a few quality marketers involved who are respected and trusted by a lot of people. They will spread the word for you. As always, you can do it alone, but the effects will be minimal. If you can get quality marketers to distribute your content then you’ll have a great start to your viral campaign.
  4. Answer “What’s In It For Me?”
    These quality marketers cherish their most important asset: their list! So you’d better make it worth their while. Which means your viral marketing product should be high quality (of course!) AND answer their question: “What’s in it for me”? After all, you’re asking them to send their subscribers to your product!
    Does spreading YOUR word generate a decent online income for THEM? In other words: is your offer good enough to have them share their subscribers with you?
  5. Be sure it’s Easy to Share
    Obvious. The quality marketers mentioned above are also very busy! In order to just pass along something, nobody wants to have extra loads of work. Therefore, make sure you allow for a super easy way for others to share your viral marketing content.
  6. Allow for Personalization
    Another major benefit for people sending your content is to allow them to personalize your content. You might allow them for instance to put their name and their website link on the cover of an eBook. And, even better, allow them to add their Affiliate ID in some of the other links that are in your viral marketing product! Thus you can answer the What’s In It For Me question!

By the way, an awesome solution for making it easy to share and allow for personalization is Viral PDF. I’ve used that quite often, it’s very easy to set up and does everything you’ll ever need to create a successful viral marketing campaign. And if you click that link, I’ll make a small commission too. 🙂

If you follow these tips you will have a much better chance of having success with a viral campaign.

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5 thoughts on “6 Awesome Viral Marketing Tips

  1. Bill says:

    Great post! the problem for my business which is providing shipping supplies is finding that niche to get a viral video going. This could take some brainstorming…any ideas?

  2. The point 1 is quite hard to achieve, it’s look like everybody done that what you thinking. It’s something like making a unique movie this day. We only can modify the process but modifying also give good viral traffic. Recently I saw someone doing Blog Tour(writing guest article site to site) and later she release a book about it. Guest article is common but she just do it in a unique way and that’s why she succeeded. So, the moral is, don’t scratch your head to much, just keep thing simple but do a better presentation.

  3. Thank you for your knowledge on the topic. Viral marketing can be very valuable and profitable. When you look at the situation, it all boils down to a simple idea, “people have a problem or concern.” We are basically in the business of problem solving. We solve the problem by providing the people with information. Viral marketing should follow along that path. We should not look for the end gain, but look for the true answers. If you follow a simple premise, in your Viral Campaign, you will be wise: “It is better to give, than to receive.”

  4. Intelligence says:

    Thanks for the advice on viral marketing. As you stated at the beginning, it is a great and effective way of earning income. Of course it cannot be that easy either. However, as long as you follow these tips, an individual should do just fine. In my opinion the most important is being unique, but (even though it is not in the list) I think putting a lot of effort is a big part of it. Then again, that’s with everything else.

    Overall, great tips. On top of being unique, I also found the “send it to quality marketers” one very helpful. People trust what is already established and that can give you a big jump at the start.

    • Case Stevens says:

      Yes, you’re absolutely right.
      Whatever you do, effort, persistence and positive thinking are the ‘secrets’ everyone is always looking for in order to succeed.
      Most people are disappointed when they find out, because…
      it means WORK.

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