6 Great Free Resources

There’s a lot of valuable information available on the Net for free. Actually, there’s more great info available for free than you can buy from many paid resources.

These days there’s a huge trend of FREE high level courses popping up everywhere. Normally I’m not that fond of following them, because they’re usually a rehash of basic stuff.

There are exceptions though!

1. Jeff Walker presented great information along with his latest Product Launch Formula at www.launches.net/sp/7152-plf-32-evergreen.

2. Stompernet is doing the same with their re-launch.

Both are great resources and therefore I suggest you sign up for their newsletters. You don’t have to buy to grab these resources, they may shed some light on matters that you don’t know about!

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3. But right now I’m busy doing something else.
Jeremy Palmer is a super affiliate, earning tons of money each and every year. Here’s an interview Allan Gardyne did with Jeremy Palmer – the million dollar affiliate.

Currently I’m following his Black Ink Project. That is a full 4 week, 20 days online course, where Jeremy explains exactly how he is able to rake in so much money each and every year.
You can still join, but you have some catching up to do. Which is easy, because all sessions are recorded and come with extensive guides.
Check it out!

4. Last month, I took the 16 Steps to Success free authority course by Jack Humphrey and Sam Clark. Right now it’s finished and closed. If they’re doing that one again, you should sign up.

Meanwhile, you can still pick up a copy of Jack’s Authority Blackbook, one of the best resources for social marketing domination, buzz generation, higher rankings, and endless traffic.

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5. Only recently, Chris Knight from EzineArticles.com announced a policy change regarding the number of links that are allowed in the body of your articles. From the comments posted on this site, it seems that not many people know about these new guidelines and the consequences it has for your article content.

So Chris decided to set up a 12 part autoresponder course that seems to be very successful as he reports that “about 71% of our new EzineArticles members sign up for the free training“. The link to the course is in that post.
Check it out. It’s a valuable course or at least a good reminder on how to write and submit great articles.

6. I’m also following Jeff Johnson’s free Underground Training Lab. Jeff is another super affiliate who liked to stay ‘underground’, but couldn’t help getting famous after John Reese’s Traffic Secrets seminar, as all the experts asked for his advice.

Jeff covers a lot of ground, talks at the speed of 140 Mph and likes to work on ideas. You have to be fast to follow him and do most of the work yourself, but he has a team – ‘my guys’ – that transform his ideas into highly successful tools and resources.

Jeff is giving away a highly search engine optimized version of WordPress that he used to drive 31240 unique visitors in 31 days from free search engine traffic.
It’s worth to take a look at this one and try it out.

As you can see, lots of great information is available for free.
I can highly recommend all resources mentioned above.
Sign up and let me know what you’re thinking about them. Post your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “6 Great Free Resources

  1. Case Stevens says:

    @Wouter This one is different. Although it may contain info that you already know about, it also will reveal new things to you, I’m sure.

    @flip flops You’re talking about and SEO expert with a laboratory, TESTING all kind of things to see what works and what doesn’t.
    So…. did you at least read the stuff and, more importantly, did you TRY it? Did you discover the social bookmarking report, the viral video distribution report and the directory submitter that comes with it?
    Or are you just making a quick comment to get a back link?

  2. Case Stevens says:

    @Mark That’s good advice Mark, certainly now the number of links is decreased to 4 per article.
    But it also depends on the goals you want to achieve.
    If you want to write a guest post about that, you’re welcome.

  3. php scripts says:

    Good article. There are many factors take into consideration to build a site. I love free stuffs like resouces that is useful.

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