10 Success Tips

I have been ‘tagged’ to share my 10 Success Tips by Ladan Lashkari.
Thanks for the invitation Ladan. Your tips look great. Everyone should read them!

Ladan, on her turn, was tagged by Rob Sellen, who was tagged by Lynn Terry who was tagged by …. well, you get the idea.

The person responsible for starting this thread is Aaron Potts, but I’ve seen others do it before him (and I want to tag one of them).

So, after sharing my 10 success tips, I’m going to tag some people too, but first, I want to give you the opportunity to download my free $97 course

‘Achieve Your Online Business Goals’

That will fit in very well when it comes to success tips.
It’s a valuable and powerful package, IF …. you put it to use.
So, if you really want to improve your life, business, relations or whatever, feel free to click that link and download your copy.

Ok, now, let’s see if you like my 10 success tips:

  1. Always be yourself.
    Don’t try to imitate someone, don’t act different that you normally would.
    The easiest way to accomplish anything is by just being yourself.
  2. Set realistic goals.
    Divide them into small steps that can be easily achieved.
  3. Believe in yourself.
    You can do it. Don’t let anyone else tell differently.
    Don’t listen to advice, unless it comes from someone who really supports you, 110%!
  4. Focus.
    Concentrate on achieving your goals, one at the time.
    Be unscrupulous when it comes to using your time well.
    It’s the only asset you can’t buy!
  5. Don’t follow the herd.
    Within the rules of the game, try to be (a bit) different.
  6. Be positive.
    Realistic, but positive.
    Negativity, problems and shit (excuse my French) will come your way, whether you ask for it or not.
    But it’s up to you to either politely ignore it or turn it into positive things.
  7. Dump the negative.
    Really, get rid of negative elements whether they are prospects, family, pupils, mentors, customers, spouses, newbies, trolls or whatever. They will drain the energy out of you.
  8. Don’t build your business based on trust.
    Trust is a wonderful thing and many great ventures once started by trusting partners, but when money is or gets involved I’ve seen many great friendships turn into the worst hostilities.
  9. Be silent!
    If you have discovered something successful, shut your mouth and keep doing it for as long as you can!
  10. Don’t take yourself or anything else too seriously.
    Life is short. You should enjoy it. Have a good laugh at least twice a day.

10 Tips I’ve personally used to become successful, both online as well as offline! I suggest you put them somewhere in your ‘success swipe file’. They’re from the front line.

Now, let’s see ….

Ladan also tagged Dr. Mani who, on his turn, tagged Paul Myers and Bryan Kumar.
If you don’t know these people, I suggest you check them out right now.

So, I also need to tag some great people who can share valuable success tips with you.

That’s why I’m going to tag my friends ….

Tom “The Safety Guy” Brownsword, because he was the first person I saw tag other people, months ago,

Rebecca “Becky” Hagel, because Becky is a super marketer who produces one winning product after another,

Kenneth “The Connector” McArthur, co-owner of the Internet’s first JV sperm bank, because he’s simply the best in ‘connecting people’.

Strong selection, if I say so myself.
Let’s see what happens.

Post your comments here.


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2 thoughts on “10 Success Tips

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks Dr. Mani

    I thought your tags were really challenging, because, as far as I can see, Paul Myers doesn’t blog anymore and Bryan Kumar doesn’t even have one.
    Curious if they will react.

    Kind regards,

  2. Case,

    Thanks for participating in the Simply Successful Secrets project, and I apologize for taking so long to stop by and check out your list. It’s been a crazy ride over at Today is that Day, but a GOOD ride, so I have no complaints!

    I love the attitude that you displayed in your list of secrets, and it is one that many people could benefit by emulating!

    I will be putting together the master list of success secrets in a new post on my blog on May 16th, including a link back to your site. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

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