10 SEO Friendly Directory Submission Services

In 6 Great Free Resources, I mentioned Jeff Johnson’s free Underground Training Lab.

I studied the videos that come with this outstanding information. In particular I was very curious about directory submission services. Jeff recommends using them, up to 100-200 directory submissions for your traffic generating sites up to a 1,000 for your money making websites.

I don’t think there’s much value in submitting your site to thousands of directories, as most of them aren’t decently indexed by the search engines and lots of them do not pass link juice. Those that do are so crowded that listings are split into several pages, where you will end up at the last page without any significance.
Also, IN GENERAL, directories do not generate much traffic, as few people visit and use them.

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But there are exceptions!
And prices are dirt cheap. In fact, some offer submissions services so cheap that it’s hard to believe they can make money from it.

So I did a search using Google and came up with 10 Directory Submission Services that seem worth to try out.

Let me first emphasize this: I haven’t used these submission services.
I’ve used services like this offered on forums by people I knew, but not from search results.

So I can’t recommend any of them. My intention simply is to provide an overview from which you can select your own resource and try it. No guarantees!

As you can see from the search, I added ‘seo friendly’ to the term, meaning that I only wanted submissions to directories that pass (some) link juice.
I also added ‘manual’ to avoid directory submission services that use software to submit your sites.

The search produced thousands of results, of which I took those at the top that looked great and also included a submission report, or at least mentioned it. It seemed to me, that if a directory submission service is in the top 10 of a search result, they must be serious about their business. That does NOT mean there aren’t any other great ones, see below.

I skipped submission services offered on forums, because they mostly are individuals, not established companies. But that doesn’t mean they’re not good. Just try them and you may end up with a virtual assistant who does all the submissions for you.
The same applies for individuals that do submission services on freelance sites.

Also, I didn’t look specifically for services that submit to high pagerank directories, because these higher P-rankings mostly apply to the home page, not the listing pages. Besides that, IF a listing page has a high PR, most of the time it’s cluttered with thousands of links, reason to split the listings into multiple pages which results you ending up on the last page with no PR at all.

In general, I found that if you buy more, prices will go down, but I’ve also seen services, like Compbizz, where prices go up. I suggest you compare these offers thoroughly.

The time necessary to submit to the directories varies from just one day to months for large packages. Always check that.
If you see a submission service to 900 directories done in 1 day, there’s something fishy going on. Make sure there’s a solid relation between the submission time and the number of submissions you want.
That’s why I hesitated to include one of the services below. I found it hard to believe that they can submit your site to 100 directories manually for only 5 dollars, but it’s what they say they do.
Again, check thoroughly.

Sometimes more variables than I searched for apply, like

  • a certain number of submissions to PR5+ directories
  • spreading the submissions over a certain number of IP addresses
  • the opportunity to submit different titles and description of your link
  • deep linking (pages within your site)

Some services even guarantee their submissions. Therefore, you should take your time to compare all these different offers.

The aforementioned variables show, that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. It’s what you want that counts, as is the quality of the service (which, again, I did NOT test).

I also want to emphasize that the overview below is just a short selection of what I found. There are many, many more submission services and I may have missed some good ones. Use the Google search link above to find your own favorites.

Finally, if a submission service lists the directories they will submit to, it’s very wise to study that list, so you get an impression of the quality of the directories submitted to.

So do your own due diligence and be prepared to loose some money as I can’t guarantee the quality of the services listed below.

Here’s the overview of manual directory submission services that I’ve found.

Submission Service Min. Order
in US $
Per 100
Directory Maximizer 5 35 14
iNetZeal 40 250 16
Directory Site Submit 30 170 18
Directory Vault 15 30 (PR5) 23
Submit 2 Please 100 500 20
Submit Edge 15 100 15
Compbizz 7 100 7
Cheap Directory Submission 5 100 5
GNNLive 18 150 12
Directory Submission Service 35 500 7
Ìink Building Dir 10 100 10
Nation Submit 8 100 8

Ah yes, there are 12 submission services. I thought it was good to add two extra, just in case.

Let me know what you think of it. Post your comments below.
Also, if you have any experience with one of these services or another one, please let us know what you think about it.

You also may want to check out Get Links Pro.

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2 thoughts on “10 SEO Friendly Directory Submission Services

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Exactly Carl.
    My time is much too precious to submit to every directory myself. I can make so much more money doing something else.

  2. Robin says:


    I have used Submitedge for 1250 Directory Submission Service and found their service to be helpful and i tried them for DMOZ submission and i got my listed in Dmoz in less than a week which was amazing.

    I never would have imagined my site listed in Dmoz lol..

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